Yes! You deserve to now watch countless movies and TV mirrors in HDX ~ above To view if a movie is accessible to stream in HDX on your computer, click on your movie of selection and girlfriend will watch a purple banner in ~ the peak that states "HDX Now available on PC/MAC computers!" If you carry out not see this banner, then you deserve to still stream the movie, however only in SD. What room my bandwidth requirements? Bandwidth requirements are together follows: HDX - 4.5mbps or higher You have the right to test your speed at If you execute not fulfill the bandwidth needs to currently in HDX, girlfriend can additionally download in HDX making use of to Go.

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What are my system requirements? system requirements space as follows: A computer or Mac v Intel core i5 (or AMD equivalent) processor 2gb of lamb A graphic card and also display that room HDCP compliant (if you perform not know if your graphics map or screen are HDCP compliant, please inspect with the manufacturer because that details).

You may see high CPU consumption while watching HDX on your computer. This is expected. If you watch stuttering, please try again after killing various other programs that might be running in the background.

What web browser should I usage to clock movies in HDX? We assistance the adhering to browsers - Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. However, we"ve watched the ideal results v using the Google Chrome browser.

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Can i watch HDX on apple laptops and desktops? Yes, us support many Apple laptops and desktops to watch HDX via a browser. However, most Apple laptops and also desktops (Mac Mini and Mac Pro) execute not support HDCP outputs to external monitors. If you"re using a Macbook pro or Macbook Air, you have the right to watch HDX using the laptop display. Otherwise, you will certainly be limited to SD playback. If you feel that you room seeing one HDCP blog post in error, please contact Apple support. Http:// If you room using a Retina screen Macbook Pro, please usage Google Chrome together we have actually seen worries with Safari. Why am I gaining a black image/screen once I shot to beat the movie? If the movie home window only display screens a black color image, then the typically method that the speed player has crashed or stopped responding. To settle this, restart your browser and also that will start a new Flash session.

First, double check the promo password to make certain it is being entered properly. Also, please keep in mind that girlfriend are limited to five (5) promotions on her account. If you space trying come redeem more than 5 promos, the code will certainly fail the redemption process. If the promo password is because that an e-copy of a movie, please twin check the details on your promo password as these can be available by the movie studio and may require added steps to redeem the movie on your account. One e-copy promo is just valid for one account. If you room still having problems redeeming her code, please contact Customer treatment by click "Support" in the optimal menu.