It is feasible to continue to beat your saved data for "The fight Cats" on a different maker by utilizing the save Data transfer service.* The conserve Data Transfer have the right to transfer conserve data throughout all sustained platforms, e.g. Android come iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) and vice versa.You have to be signed into your Google account to have the ability to use the save Data deliver service.

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<1> Configuring her old machine (source device for conserve data)<2> Configuring your new device (destination device for conserve data)

※Please document the inquiry Code uncovered on both her Title Screen and also Settings food selection (screenshot as well!)※Do not attempt to start or resume a save Data transport in a ar with poor network reception.※Be aware that data right now on your target maker will be overwritten after Resuming a Data Transfer.※Data from transfers that are not resumed in ~ 3 months will certainly be invalidated.※Without a properly recorded transport Code and Confirmation code pair to input, you will certainly not be able to continue the Data carry to your new device. Make certain that every digits are effectively recorded and that you have taken a screen record of the password to ensure the you are able come retrieve your conserve files.※ PONOS will not assume responsibility for data lost as result of network error, machine error, or user error, and cannot provide a guarantee that data will certainly be transferred without error.※ Data indigenous the English version of the fight Cats cannot be transferred to various other language execution of the game.※ you re welcome tap the button only once when beginning or resuming Data transfers to prevent error.※ once a carry to a new an equipment has been completed, the initial data on other devices will be invalidated and also cannot be used.

1. Pick "Settings" from the title screen.

2. Pick "Save Data Transfer" indigenous the setups screen.

3. Very closely read the information displayed concerning Save Data Transfer. If you identify the terms, then pick "Begin save Data Transfer" from the Change maker screen.

4. The save Data Transfer process will begin. Please check the onscreen information, and select "Save Data come Server" if you agree to proceed.


5. After ~ confirming the your data has been efficiently saved to the server, please record your carry Code and also Confirmation Code. After ~ double-checking that your codes have been effectively written down, insanity the "Close Game" button.


* it is in aware: If you shed your password or record one or both password incorrectly, you will certainly be can not to finish data move to your second device.

6. Once the process is finished, confirm the onscreen information once an ext before exiting the application.


1. Choose "Settings" indigenous the location screen.

2. Pick "Save Data Transfer" native the settings screen.

*Image taken indigenous Android version. Menu display may different slightly ~ above iPhone/iPad screens.

3. After familiarizing yourself v the save Data transfer menu, pick "Resume Data Transfer".

4. After reading the displayed notification carefully, you re welcome input your deliver Code and also Confirmation Code. Once these have been correctly input, tap "Resume Transfer".

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5. After ~ a couple of moments, the conserve Data transport will complete.You might return to the title as soon as the procedure has completed.