EDIT EDIT: brand-new update Is out, If girlfriend just acquired Homebrew do NOT ns repeat DON"T update. The will stop working and also we need to wait for a Soundhax update. It may work through a new otherapp yet I still don"t know. Don"t danger It.

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It"s featured! give thanks to you!

Just a little warning, check out through every little thing carefully. It"s no dangerous to get Homebrew and can be removed at any kind of time yet you should read this all so you execute NOT screw noþeles up. Like, seriously, much better safe 보다 sorry.

( also, right here Is the write-up url http://incubadoradeartistas.com/p/tk0tu type It In your PC"s internet browser so friend can acquire the links )

What you will need:

-A brain

-A computer with a SD card leader or a Micro SD card reader for brand-new 3DS

-A driver or any means of removing the earlier of a new 3DS to gain the SD card

-Common sense

-The ability to read this all

-Obviously a 3DS

-Patience ( no that this takes choose an hour to perform )

You ready? Good.

Welcome to the indict on just how to gen Pokemon ~ above the latest 3DS firmware. To examine your firmware simply go to device settings app and also It"ll be on the bottom edge In the optimal screen. Be certain not to update If you desire to keep Homebrew. Downgrading have the right to brick her 3DS so DON"T update IF girlfriend REALLY want HOMEBREW. This Is a reasonably simple tutorial. I"m walk to it is in demonstrating through my XL since It doesn"t have Homebrew yet. Buckle In and also get ready for the ride!

Step 1 — getting The files You Need

( I"m gonna autumn the PkHex download best here first ) ~ above your computer system ( girlfriend don"t require the SD card In your computer yet ) go to soundhax.com since this Is the make use of that we will be using.


This Is what you should see. Pick your region ( the letter In the firmware version represents region, mine Is U ) and which console you"re using ( old 3DS XL because that me ) and then click "DOWNLOAD M4A". Don"t perform anything through the file yet, move It If girlfriend want however It"s not crucial just yet. Currently go to the 3DS Homebrew website. Scroll down till you watch this:


Download the Homebrew starter kit. Right below that Is where you obtain the otherapp.


The very first box Is because that the console and the critical one Is for an ar which us talked around earlier.



Ta-da! You"ve loaded Homebrew! You have the right to keep loading It with no problems. The most that can take place Is a fail fill or freeze. If one of the two things happens, just reboot her 3DS and shot again. Anyway, scroll down the perform of apps until you gain to JSKM. Either tap it or have actually It selected and also press "A". To pick a various application In JKSM push left or appropriate on the D-Pad. Also, yes because that your info this does work with SuMo/XY/OrAs digital copies and also probably SuMo cartridges. Ns don"t have actually digital XY/OrAs however I have actually cartridges for both and they both work. Same goes because that SuMo, ns don"t have a cartridge yet I deserve to confirm digital SuMo works. Right currently I"m on mine Moon save.

Export have to be selected, push A and export a save. If you arrangement to keep much more remember i beg your pardon Is which! I"m walking to be making 2 saves. Surname It every little thing you want. I"m naming the very first one ns make "Gensave" and also the other one "Normalsave". Friend don"t have to keep 2 saves, but I just want to. Now that you"ve made your save, shut under your 3DS and also take out the SD map again. Currently we will have actually a small lesson on just how to use PkHex. As usual put the SD card In her computer and open PkHex.

The just Pokemon I have are In my party. The 2 Emolgas room from giveaways by the way. I"m simply going to make a bunch that crap because I"m no making stuff because that trades.

This Is what I"m talking about! Now, to income your save, roll over "File" and then over "Export SAV". Fiddle main and also save. But make sure that friend are saving to the correct conserve you made. Look at the top where It shows the routes ( instance JKSV > conserves > Pokemon_Moon > Gensave ) and make certain you"re conserving to the best one. Take the end your SD card and put It back Into her 3DS. Open up sound app, pack Homebrew, and also then fill JKSM. Obviously depending upon which video game you offered pick that game, no everyone reading this Is using Moon. Import the conserve you just made come the save document you want and also export It. Now exit JKSM and exit Homebrew by advertise "Start" and then "X". Yes an error will come up but nothing negative happens. I"m going to load Moon currently so you have the right to see.

If you ever before want to go earlier to the original save, that"s what make multiple saves Is for! I"m on the Gensave file at the moment, for this reason I"m going to export Normalsave to go back.

As you can see It"s back to normal now.

So, Yeah!

That wraps up this tutorial/guide. I hope you were able to download Homebrew and also gen correctly. No write-up of mine Is finish without a F.A.Q! If friend still have questions or need aid just comment.


•"Will this brick mine 3DS?"


•"Can this corruption my Pokemon save data?"

—I don"t know, however If It can that"s what multiple saves are for.

•"Homebrew failed come load! Why?"

—I"m pretty certain that once you departure Homebrew via "X" you need to reboot your 3DS to pack It again.

•"Homebrew/JKSM freezes/freezed ~ above a yellow/red/green/blue screen! aid D:"

—Just reboot your 3DS and load the again.

•"How execute I eliminate Homebrew?"

—Delete every the files/folders on her SD card other than for DCIM and Nintendo 3DS.

•"What execute all these other apps do?!"

—I"m not sure for most of them as well as the noticeable ones, however the an initial one simply lets you pack themes girlfriend make.

•"How walk you document the GIFs?"

—GIFCam. It"s free.

•"How did you put screenshots of your PC screen on her phone?"

—I have Dropbox on mine phone. I attached that account come the desktop app and also I saved everything I make In Dropbox so I can export that from the Dropbox app on my phone.

•"How do you understand all this stuff?!"

—I"m the awesomest person B)

•"No really, how?!"

—The Internet.

•"Woah, exactly how long walk this take?"

—5-6 hours. Due to being Interupted, psychic what ns was supposed to type, and also testing things to make certain I didn"t carry out something wrong.

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•"Why on planet did Nintendo placed the new 3DS SD card In the ago of the console?!"

—Lol Idk.

•"My problem wasn"t In the F.A.Q"

—Comment what ns should include or comment If you need help. I"m i m really sorry If ns can"t aid you, I"m still very brand-new to this. Yet I expect It aided :d

Thanks for reading. Even If I more than likely messed something up, i tried ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ initiative Is what matters, right? even though I always say this, I might delete this aehhehh yes sir byEEE!!!