The best planets in Astroneer space the ones that can offer you the most research, and here us rank every planetary body that offers the bytes required.

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Astroneer break-up Image, walking to spacecraft (left) choose up items (right)
Astroneer is one out-of-this-world, sandbox survival-type game. With no collection storyline, together an Astroneer your aim is to survive, complete missions, and uncover the mysteries that the planets and moons in the age of innovation and discovery. Research is one of the main mechanics you use to development in the game. With researching each of the planet's materials, girlfriend can obtain bytes — a digital currency. Climate by using bytes, you deserve to craft innovations to development to the core of the planet, unlock the gateways and launch off onto the next planet. However, each planet has different resources, terrains, and hazards, as such different amounts of bytes come extract. A total of 284,050 bytes are essential to research every article in the game.

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little research samples can be scanned to provide bytes instantly. ~ above the various other hand, medium and also larger research samples and items need to be placed in the research chamber for an allocated time to extract bytes. All planets have EXO Dynamics come find and open because that technological research which provides a selection of samples and also rare items through differing quantities of bytes come extract. The finest research options are plentiful or provide you a large number of bytes for the initiative needed, which will certainly be just how these planets and also moons space ranked.

Astroneer player on Vesania overlooking landscape
Vesania is among the distinct planets in Astroneer, with a lush however unusual landscape and a special atmosphere. That is a specific source of Lithium (in caves) and Titanite (in mountains). It have the right to be tricky to navigate this planet because of its terrain that boulders, steep slopes, and broad canyons, also with a rover equipped.

with the tricky terrain, it can be more daunting to take larger items come the research chamber to it is in extracted. This planet has some higher value minerals and also organic product to collect, precious 1000-5000 bytes yet to obtain the most out of every item they should be input right into the study chambers. Merged with the risk of falling under canyons and also slopes, and also losing link with her oxygen supply, researching this world becomes an extremely difficult.

Astroneer player ~ above Novus feather at study item
Novus is the moon orbiting the earth Vesania. It has a cratered forested surface with a thin atmosphere. That is a specific resource of Lithium (in mountains) and also Hematite (in caves). That has countless craters ~ above its surface ar that assistance plenty the flora which can hold research study samples and unknown research study items underneath.

The moon supports few of the greater valued necessary materials and minerals, fetching approximately 8,100 bytes but it is largely based upon the surface ar not underground. This borders the research to an ext small and also medium-sized samples which don't sell as many bytes together the bigger items uncovered elsewhere.

Astroneer player top top Desolo through spacecraft
Desolo is the moon orbiting the earth Sylva. It has no atmosphere with ceiling rock and pockmarked cratered surface. The is a specific source of Sphalerite (in mountains) and Wolframite (in caves). In the craters on the moon's surface, patches of flora have the right to be found. The most an important asset from right here though is the scattered debris from satellites and research items discovered on the surface. Technological research has actually a greater value and also can fetch between 2,580 to 12,111 bytes.

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v a wide choice of resources from flora come debris wreckages, there are boosted likelihoods for larger items with far-reaching bytes to extract and added smaller scans to finish on the way.

Astroneer player in forest on world sylva
Sylva is a planet likened to planet with a temperate, satisfied landscape v an average atmosphere. The is a specific source of Malachite (in mountains) and also Sphalerite (in caves). As a planet, Sylva has actually the widest range of resources because of the range of biomes present. This presents many opportunities for smaller study samples, specifically when beginning out in the game, as it is the safest planet.

With some of the greatest abundance of research study samples and also items, that is a an excellent site for research yet it does have some that the shortest outputs because that bytes ranging from 400 come 720. Be prepared to grind to earn your bytes top top this planet.

Glacio is a cold, windswept, icy planet with a thin atmosphere. It is a specific source of Hematite (on the surface) and Titanite (in caves). It is just one of the planets through the most research items and also samples in ~ the surface ar which can be built up for basic bytes approximately 100-500. With a rover, this planet is reasonably flat make it simpler to transport and also move items roughly to the study chambers.

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Glacio is additionally the earth with the highest possible value organic product at 6,300 bytes. With several surface items come research and easy accessibility with a rover equipped, bytes are fairly easy come obtain.

Atrox possesses treacherous terrain through aggressive flora and a choked atmosphere. It has no certain resources. In spite of being the most complicated planet, it provides the highest reward. Study items and samples range in value the deeper to the core you go. Starting at 70 bytes at the surface to 1,187 at the core through the possibility of recognize items extracting 14,400 bytes as it has actually the most valued minerals. The flora top top this world is aggressive yet this also means the unknown research study items beneath them hold an ext value fetching as much as 3,500 bytes.

This planet requires part planning and skill prior to venturing out for research yet the worth of the items renders it worthwhile.

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Calidor is a dry, sun-blasted planet with an typical atmosphere. The is a specific resource of Malachite (in caves) and also Wolframite (on mountains). This planet is straightforward to research and offers a the majority of bytes as accessibility underground is less complicated with tenderness sloped gates into cave systems. Study items are easily uncovered on the planet and also can having 750 come 5,900 bytes. Underground research study samples also hold the highest fast value, scanning as much as 200 bytes.

This planet provides many opportunities for research and also isn't too risky, v a much less treacherous environment than others. The minerals that can be accumulated offer the many bytes and an unified with items indigenous wrecks, is a an excellent planet to rack up some bytes.

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