In mine last few playthroughs i've nice much simply taken Cass to Jean-Baptiste without a second thought. Yet lately i've been analysis up about companions and i've learned that Cass has her own quest that you have the right to do for her, Heartache through The Number. Doing therefore will turn in the Crimson Caravan Co. And also the van Graffs right into the NCR. I've never ever done this search before, but it dosnt look too hard. But my question to friend, is what is your opinion on what i should do? execute i perform Cass's quest and keep her as a companion option in addition to her perk? or execute i just let Jean-Baptiste carry out his thing and waste her, proceeding on the van Graff search line?

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I choose Cass, and felt disgusted with msyelf the one time I determined to turn her in come Jean-Baptiste lol. I hate the valve Graffs and also never go energy weapons anyways.

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Even if you do go energy Weapons, murdering them lets you booty the shop. All the unique weapons offered by castle are relocated to Vendortron, ns believe. External of pistol Runners.

Like you, i felt disgusted through myself when provided the alternative to rotate Cass in come Jean-Baptiste. I didn't carry out it. I decided the option to fight and also wiped them every out, i beg your pardon was challenging to acquire through on very Hard / Hardcore, yet do-able.

With the being said, even on an power character, ns feel morally negative even provided those douchebags my tough earned caps.. Lol.

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Cass was my favourite FNV companion. Why don't you switch points up and also keep Cass about this time?

Chris Avellone composed Cass and also he mentioned some things about Cass:

Cass was designed to be the many vocal the end of every the companions, definition she would comment on locations and events. Regrettably while many of she lines were cut and also a patch was released to limit her sayings, Cass still remarks on things you've done and places you've gone too.

She gives a good viewpoint in between the Legion and NCR; she paints a neutral/negative outlook for NCR as well.

Her an individual quests outlines the difficulties of the caravan company in the West Coast.

Her family background has ties to autumn 2. A very important companion in autumn 2 is Cass' father.

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Cass' whiskey rose perk do Whiskey very useful. So through a maxed out Survival skill, each swig that Whiskey gives you +3 come Strength, +3 come Charisma, +6 come DT (plus second 2-6 DT because that the perk itself) and no an unfavorable effects, e.g. No intelligence loss and no addiction.