Welcome come our perform of Fire Emblem Heroes skills available in the game. Us will define the different types and what are the Best skills In Fire Emblem Heroes.

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Fire Emblems Heroes Items offered for Increasing your Potential.

Increasing a character potential will boost there ☆ rarity. You can use Fire Emblem Heroes Item known together badges to do this her character will have to be at least level 20 or higher. Increasing a Characters ☆ rarity will likewise increase your Level Cap.


Badges Used come unlock potential in allies. Increase ☆ because that a 3☆ or reduced Ally

Red form – Scarlet argorial Blue form – Azure badge Green type – Verdant argorial Colorless – Transparent Badge


Great title Used to unlock potential in allies. Increase ☆ for a 4☆ or lower Ally

Red kind – great Scarlet badge Blue kind – great Azure argorial Green type – great Verdant badge Colorless – good Transparent Badge


You have the right to Farm Fire Emblem Heroes badges by participating in maintain Tower Stratums on details days that the week. For an ext information visit ours Training Tower overview below.

How To farm Badges


Fire Emblems Heroes Items offered for Leveling increase Characters.

Increasing your character’s level will boost their stats. You deserve to use Fire Emblem Heroes Items known as Shards and Crystals to Level Up your Heroes.


Shards Used for leveling heroes as much as level 19.

Red kind – Scarlet Shard Blue form – Azure Shard Green form – Verdant Shard Colorless – Transparent Shard Any form – universal Shard


Crystals Used for leveling up heroes level 20 and also higher.

Red kind – Scarlet Crystal Blue kind – Azure Crystal Green kind – Verdant Crystal Colorless – Transparent Crystal Any form – Universal Crystal


You Can likewise Farm Fire Emblem Heroes Crystals and Shards by participating in training Tower Stratums on certain days that the week.

How to Farm crystal & Shards

There are a couple of much more additional Fire Emblem Heroes item that have the right to be found.



Used for Summoning Heroes and various other attributes within the game.

How To farm yard Orbs

Dueling comb


Restores every dueling swords.

Stamina potion


Grants Stamina +50.

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Light’s Blessing


Used throughout battle. Restores every allies’ HP, Movement and also use of specials.

Fire Emblem Heroes

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