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The internet’s self-described “busiest music nerd,” Anthony Fantano, brings on visual artist and also fellow YouTuber, Dominick Rabrun for an intriguing conversation on what the is the draws each of them to the experimental hip-hop trio, fatality Grips.

Given my enjoyment that Fantano’s music evaluate on his YouTube channel, I meant his knack for articulation to come v in a comparable fashion in this podcast. However, ns wondered how various of an suffer it would be considering the podcast is virtually 90 minutes (several times much longer than even his lengthiest reviews) and also his evaluate seldom encompass anyone various other than him.

However, the 2 were maybe to save the conversation engaging for the length of the episode, and also it never felt choose it veered incredibly far off topic. Fantano walk a great job of tie his inquiries in, while likewise letting the conversation circulation naturally. Both he and also Rabrun’s enthusiasm for the band is apparent and this provides for consistently interesting points, and some comedic observations and stories.


One moment that stand out as being particularly funny is Fantano’s solution to Rabrun’s point out of his friends no listening to the band saying “Honestly, i think ‘my friend don’t hear to death Grips’ is a expression that most fatality Grips fans might probably gain tattoed on their fucking backs.”

This lack of track excerpts did no impede my enjoyment much, as I was familiar with almost every one of the songs mentioned, but for those unfamiliar the would have actually been helpful.

Otherwise, it to be a an extremely informative and engaging guide to the band thanks to the enthusiasm of everyone involved and the level-headed conversation.

Death Grips are a very polarizing and facility group, and it would be easy for someone mentioning them to have such solid feelings about them that they probably overlook other viewpoints. But the podcast was really thorough in providing plenty the information and also perspectives, making because that a well-rounded and also effective portrayal of the group.

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