Colonists are among the essential elements of RimWorld. They grow food, profession with other parties, research advanced technologies, and also stockpile sources to prosper their communities. Due to the fact that they’re for this reason influential, you need to increase their number, however how execute you do it?

Click “Scenario Editor” in the lower part of the display screen to access the settings.

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Navigate to the “Starting People” tab and also enter the wanted number.

Purchase homesteaders From a slave Trader

RimWorld is packed with trading caravans. Among the most beneficial ones is slave trading. It functions the very same as to buy or selling any other item:

Find a slave trader v a inquiry mark over their head.Start the negotiation and buy a colonist. The price depends on their skills and health, however it usually ranges in between 2,000 and also 3,000 silver. Colonists with bionics are much more expensive since their basic manipulation and health space higher.

Colonists purveyed through slave trading won’t obtain mood debuffs. Castle will have a clear disposition because that a certain amount of time, as they’ve to be freed native slavery.

Converting Prisoners right into Colonists

Enemy raids are an abundant source of colonists, provided you deserve to handle them properly. An ext specifically, invaders can be taken prisoner if friend knock them to the ground there is no slaying them.

If you’re up because that converting opponents for populace growth, this is what you must do:

Place a bed or another sleeping point out in an area attached by a door and also walls.
Once you under your enemy, select a colonist, entrust them the Warden role, and also right-click the invader.The colonist will now take the attacker to the previously developed prison area. Each prisoner requires a different bed.
The Warden will have actually occasional chats through the prisoner to mitigate their resistance and also build trust. After numerous sessions, they’ll finally have the ability to convert them. Still, their opportunities of success largely hinge ~ above the unit’s Recruitment Difficulty.
Select them and also press “Tame.”

To facilitate your taming attempts, you’ll should use food in your colony.

The success of this effort also depends top top the colonist’s animal skills. If the colonist isn’t very great at taming animals, there’s a high danger that the person will strike them. In this case, tear down the wild person, record them, and also convert them.

Completing Events

If slave trading and other abovementioned alternatives aren’t her cup the tea, girlfriend can always complete in-game events to gain more colonists:

Helping random Persons

Random human being that need assist are predominantly obtainable at the start of the game. Together you aid a stranger in their activities, lock may sign up with your colony, filling in your populace cap.

Saving Escaping Wanderers

Another good way come recruit homesteaders is to help wanderers gift chased by another person. If friend bail lock out, they will instantly join your community.

Investigating escape Pods

Be sure to examine out any kind of escape ford that crash into your region. If you save the person inside, there’s a an excellent chance they will come to be a member of your colony. However, try to record instead that rescuing them to improve the odds of effective recruitment.

Arresting trusted Visitors

Apprehending familiar traders and also visitors is a valuable yet morally questionable technique of getting much more colonists. If you have actually no qualms around this recruitment tactic, technique a familiar visitor through your colonist and choose the “Attempt to Arrest” option.

Bear in mind the the person may resist, angering their companions and the remainder of the faction.

Acquiring the man in Black

The final occasion isn’t widespread, but it’s still precious mentioning. This random event is triggered under specific conditions.

In particular, if all your pawns have been incapacitated, RimWorld might spawn a guy in Black. This human being instantly joins her colony and also can give you another chance in ~ rescuing various other people. Also if you regulate to bail out all your colonists, the man in black will remain a long-term member the the community.

Additional FAQs

Can homesteaders Have Babies in Rimworld?

Even though the video game doesn’t enable your homesteaders to have babies, you deserve to install a mod referred to as Children, School, and also Learning. It permits your colonists to have actually children, provide them with education, and also teach them every the necessary skills required to become productive members of the community.

Keep your Colony populace in Check

While increasing the variety of your colonists is terrific way to grow your community, try not to walk overboard. Whether you’re recording prisoners, helping random people, or taming wild persons, remain within the recommended variety of your storyteller. It helps protect against unpleasant scenarios that have the right to hinder your progress and make the harder to flourish in this captivating world.

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How many homesteaders does your community comprise? What was the number in ~ the start of her game? What’s your favorite technique of acquiring brand-new colonists? allow us know in the comments ar below.