The Dominus, together with the Octane and also the Fennec, are the 3 most popular cars in Rocket League. An extremely often played by professionals, castle are additionally the favourite cars of plenty of players.

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But the inquiry comes up an extremely often now, with the various organizational upheavals in between Psyonix, and also Epic Games.

How carry out I acquire the Dominus automobile in Rocket League? Many space wondering, and also here is the prize in detail, depending on the game medium, Epic gamings or Steam.

To learn an ext about the different cars, their differences, and also which one is best, depending on the situation, and your playstyle, read this overview to assist you choose:

How to choose the right automobile in Rocket League

How to get the Dominus automobile on Rocket League

The concern is very simple for previous players who bought Rocket organization on Steam, once the video game was still paid.

In brackets, if you desire to recognize why Rocket organization is no much longer on Steam, review this write-up which will carry out you through answers:

Why Rocket organization is no longer on Steam

At the time, when Rocket organization paid off, and obtainable on Steam, the Dominus auto was only easily accessible via a DLC that the game, because that the price that 4 €.

Now the Rocket organization has become free, and also has disappeared from Steam, it is no longer possible to purchase the Dominus v this DLC.

The players that paid because that the game at the time, for this reason received this DLC because that free, therefore as not to be harmed contrasted to those who derived the video game for totally free afterwards.

If friend have as such paid Rocket organization on Steam, friend have accessibility to Dominus in her inventory.

How to gain Dominus in Rocket league on epos Games

If, however, you have actually recently eu Rocket League, with Epic Games, because that free, girlfriend didn"t gain Dominus because that free.

There are, however, various methods for you to acquire this car into the game. Here"s how:

How to obtain Dominus for cost-free in Rocket League

If you desire to have actually it because that free, there"s basically only one way. This is excellent by finish of game rewards, or via the weekly or seasonal challenges.

If you desire to know much more about Rocket organization challenges and tier unlocks, it"s here:

How to unlock Seasonal challenge stages in Rocket League

To go back to the Dominus, for this reason you have two possibilities to have it because that free, however it remains completely random.

You can acquire it:

Via end-of-match rewardsVia challenges and loot

You regularly receive reward balls, with random content. If girlfriend don"t open up them straight after matches, castle accumulate. To accessibility it, carry out like this:

GarageManage inventoryClick ~ above the 3rd tab, that of rewardsClick on any loot, to accessibility the opening of those

So open all her drops and also cross her fingers, possibly the Dominus is there.

If not, over there is other means to gain it.

Trade items for Dominus in Rocket League

You may have actually heard that it, may be familiar with it, yet there is an item market in Rocket League.

This functions on the an international principle of any type of market, over there is supply, and also there is demand.

Some players have actually a lot of customization items, i beg your pardon they do not desire to use, or the they have duplicate. They thus use a trading platform, in order to get rid of objects lock don"t use, to gain others castle miss.

Why not execute the very same for you?

Here is a attach to among the significant Rocket league exchange sites, for this reason buy et sell items:

Trade Rocket League

So you just have actually to develop an account on this site, then location an order, through what you space looking for, in this case the Dominus, and also in return what you offer.

You deserve to potentially buy it through credits, or exchange that with some of your items. Just try to discover items of tantamount value, so the the sell is fair.

You have the right to also first exchange her items for credits, climate buy the Dominus because that credits.

Buy Dominus native the item save on Rocket League

Le object store The video game regularly offers items for sale, commonly at slightly lower prices 보다 the market. So occasionally you deserve to have interesting offers.

The items readily available for sale are consistently replaced and updated, so as to offer varied content.

And it is possible that the Dominus either for sale in the store. However for that, you need to be patient, because we perform not know when it will certainly be available here!

Obtain Dominus by blueprint the the car

Yet another means to get this automobile is to obtain the build plan. Exactly how it works ? In rocket League, there are two methods to gain an item. One of two people you obtain it directly, or you acquire the blueprint, enabling it to be crafted, in ~ a cost.

If you succeed in having the blueprint (the building and construction plan), girlfriend will have the ability to get the Dominus.

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How to execute ? It remains a matter of chance, in the rewards the the challenges, and at the end of the match. Look in your inventory if by opportunity you haven"t already had it!

Be careful, you must have a precise plan of the car, and also not a sticker or the wheel of the Dominus. So be careful that this is particularly the plan of the car, and not the utensils of this one.

Here is whatever you have to know about the Dominus car in Rocket League. If, ~ above the various other hand, friend play the video game often, and want come progress, right here is a guide complete the will assist you to overcome levels: