Fortnite players in 2021 have the right to still play together Thanos in the game, but only in an imaginative mode and by utilizing an exciting workaround.

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to say that Thanos" impact on the big screen was titanic would certainly be an understatement, together the extremely popular super villain also made an appearance in Fortnite. Because that those players that relished in the power of wielding the Infinity Gauntlet against their foes in ~ the game, there"s a surprising technique that will enable players come relive that glory once again in 2021. Gaining this to work does take it a few steps, and also the Infinity Gauntlet is only accessible in an imaginative mode (no pushing about players in yes, really matches), however it"s still pretty fun nonetheless.

Back in 2018 when Avengers: Infinity War released, Fortnite capitalized on its insane popular by doing a collaboration. Players in the video game were maybe to find the legend Infinity Gauntlet, and also the happy player that placed it on could then wield the strength of all the Infinity Stones as Thanos. Other players would have to work together to take it this titan under and try to take the glove for themselves.

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In bespeak to use the Infinity Gauntlet, players need to follow these steps and also enter the an innovative mode map that still has this feature. When players generate in, they more than likely won"t start as Thanos. The trick is to uncover a player that currently is Thanos and also wait for them to log in off. At this suggest they will drop the glove and also it have the right to be picked up.

Navigate to the Settings menu change to the Europe server/region Enter creative mode in the lobby and press beat choose discover and find the roleplay list Find and select the PWR Tiny city map start the game

This is by no way a foolproof strategy, as players will certainly still have actually to find a means to acquire the gloves from anyone is Thanos at the time. Also so, it does provide players the opportunity to re-experience the thrill of both being and also fighting versus Thanos come an extent, a moment that many consider one the the highlights of Fortnite"s long history of collaborations. For players the don"t desire to go through the hassle of looking for PWR tiny Town, they can instead go into the island code of 9683-4582-8184.

It have to be said that this area is non-lethal, definition players can"t injury each other. Because of this, transforming into Thanos here is really an ext for looks, yet players will certainly still be able to use the character"s distinct powers. There have actually been some reports that this make use of has currently been patched, however others claim that is still works. The ideal thing because that players to carry out is simply try and see for themselves.

Fortnite is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox series X.

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