Locations. The Coerthas Western Highlands lies beyond the glacier at Snowcloak, and thus is normally only accessed by flight from the Holy See of Ishgard. A path leading to the Dravanian Forelands lies in the northeast.

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How do you get to the Dravanian hinterlands?

You should be able to reach the upper area of the Hinterlands without a ride. Idyllshire has exits to both the right and left sides of the map and you can reach the upper half of the right side by going all the way around and crossing the bridge to the Gubal Library in the south end of the map.

What happened to Thancred’s eye?

In patch 3.4, Thancred’s in-game model was slightly altered. His right eye was returned to its original brown while his left (seen when he and Krile are at the imperial castrum) remained the silver it was originally changed to, indicating that the eye patch is not “purely cosmetic”.

Is Thancred dead?

No, Thancred shouldn’t be dead. For starters, the number of Scions we still have has gotten so low that killing any of them serves almost no narrative purpose outside of killing them. Second, nothing about his fight with Ran’jit suggests he’s going to die in the first place.

How did y Shtola go blind?

Matoya privately notes the change in Y’shtola’s eyes, aware she has been blinded by her trip through the Lifestream and is consuming her own aether to “see” magically, shortening her lifespan.

Why did Estinien armor turn red?

During the battle with Nidhogg, Estinien’s armor has various scratches and a missing horn before it is stained crimson in a shower of the dragon’s spilled blood.

What would Estinien say?

What would Estinien say…? Good gods… You will mention nothing of this! Swear to me!

How do you pronounce Superbolide?

Phonetic spelling of superbolide

su-per-bolide. 0 rating rating ratings. Private.su-per-bolide. 0 rating rating ratings. Bernard Terry.su-per-bol-ide. 0 rating rating ratings. Mateo Beatty.

How do you pronounce Gysahl?

Gee-sahl. Hard G sound, long ahh. Japanese is Gi-saa-ru if that helps at all.

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How do you pronounce ifrit?

In mythology, Ifrit is pronounced EE-FREET.

How old are Alphinaud and Alisaie?

16 years old

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