After completing your an initial trial and getting hold of your an initial Z-Crystal in Normalium Z, there"s barely any time for a breather - head ago to course 2 and also heal her team up. The following step of her adventure awaits!

To course 3 us go - and also there we"ll uncover some added areas such together Melemele Meadow and the Seaward cave. Ready?

This walkthrough is walk to save things simple. We"re not going to create out thorough strings of endless prose informing you whereby to walk and also what to press point-to-point. Rather we"re going come streamline points down: we"ll speak instead about each area of Pokemon sun & Moon you"ll encounter, listing off the Pokemon that have the right to be captured there, items that have the right to be discovered there and so on.

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Route 3: Wrapping around Melemele Island

Route 3 is a pretty an easy route, choose up native the edge of course 2 (duh) in ~ the height of the island, wrapping ideal the way back approximately the island and also down come the south. The actually links right back up with path 1, making Melemele Island"s paths a small circuit.

Along the method you"ll find trainers, items and also wild Pokemon, plus an departure to Melemele Meadow, one area which leads to seaward cave.

Route 3: Wild Pokemon Encounters

Alolan Rattata (Night only)Bagon (Rarely)CutieflyDelibirdMankeyRufflet (Sun only, in shadows)SpearowVullaby (Moon only, in shadowsYungoos

Route 3: remarkable items come find

TM83 - Infestation (Tauros drive required)Heal Ball, spicy Beak, supervisor Potion, nest Ball3000 punctured dollars (Show Rockruff come an NPC on path 3)Soothe Bell (Talk come a breeder NPC on course 3

Route 3: Pokemon Trainer Battles

Rising Star Ian: Psyduck (Level 13)Rising Star Tatiana: Petilil (Level 13)Ace Trainer Makana: Rockruff (Level 13), Slowpoke (Level 14)Rising Star Joshua: Growlithe (Level 13)

Battle the route"s ceo trainer to get a Red card item

Just south of the enntrance gate to Melemele grassland is a personality who"ll refuse to battle you unless you to win everybody else on path 3. There"s no that plenty of trainers, so do so - he"ll then be ready to allow you difficulty him come a Pokemon Battle.

This guy is climbing Star Joshua and boasts a solitary Pokemon: A level 13 Growlithe. It"s weak come water. Hit him hard, take it his Pokemon down and you"ll gain the Red card item in return.

The game"s story will guide you towards Melemele Meadow, and also who room we come argue?

Melemele Meadow: Oricorio land and also rival face-offs

Melemele meadow is whereby you"ll discover Lillie - the following objective in your story. Your very first task there will certainly be to find Nebby, who"s hiding in the much side that the meadow.

Battle you way through the wild Pokemon in the meadow which contains all brand-new Pokemon Oricorio, seize Nebby, and also head earlier to Lillie. Here"s what you"ll find on your way to uncover Nebby...

Melemele Meadow: Wild Pokemon Encounters

ButterfreeCaterpieCottonee (Sun only)CutieflyMetapodOcricorio (Yellow form)Petilil (Moon only

Melemele Meadow: significant items come find

Yellow Nectar x2 ((Night only), poison Barb, net Ball, great Ball

Once you"ve done every this and also return Nebby come Lillie, Hau will show up. He"s been training and he"ll desire a fight. Oblige him!

Rival Battle: Hau

Hau"s team has had actually a minor adjust since the last time you observed him - his Pichu has progressed into a Pikachu. Avoid attacking Pikachu through physical assaults if you can - if you touch it, there"s a chance it can paralyse her Pokemon. If physical strikes are necessary, have actually some paralyse heal ready.

Otherwise, this fight is largely similar to the previous one against Hau.

If you made decision Rowlet, Hau will have Popplio (Level 14, Weak to grass & electric) and Pikachu (Level 13, weak to ground).If you decided Popplio, Hau will have Litten (Level 13, weak to water, ground and rock) and also Pikachu (Level 13, weak to ground).If you chose Litten, Hau will have Rowlet (Level 13, weak to ice, fire, poison, flying and rock) and also Pikachu (Level 13, weak come ground).

Once Hau is beat you"re to head earlier to Iki city to fight the Island Kahuna... Yet first, there"s part optional locations you have to consider.


Seaward cave & Kala"e Bay: Melemele Island"s hidden gems

You don"t need to go come Seaward cavern or Kala"e just at all - they"re sort of concealed slices of Melemele Island that your island challenge won"t actually bring you to... However they"re precious exploring.

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You reach the Seaward cavern by heading come Melemele Meadow. Look the end for a tiny hole in the wall on the western side of the area amongst the high flowery grass. Crawl v that hole through a push of A and also you"ll it is in in seaward cave. Come out the other side of the cave to finish up in Kala"e Bay.

Both have actually some brand-new Pokemon come catch and also items to find, though because that the latter you"ll require a Lapras journey to obtain into the bay"s watery areas. Here"s what you"ll find.

Seaward Cave: Wild Pokemon Encounters

Alolan DiglettBarboach (via fishing)Magikarp (via fishing)Psyduck (in water)Zubat

Seaward Cave: noteworthy items come find

Escape Rope, Never-Melt Ice, at sight Potion, heal BallExpert Belt (use Tauros charge ride)Max recreation (use Lapras swim ride)

Kala"e Bay: Wild Pokemon Encounters

FinneonMagikarp (via fishing)Shellder (via fishing)TentacoolWingullWishiwashi (via fishing)

Kala"e Bay: remarkable items come find

Net Ball, Dive round TM05 - Roar (use Lapras Paddle, to the far south

We"re done. Next stop: the island Kahuna!