Before you do your way to the forest Temple, make sure you visit Lon Lon Ranch as an adult to acquire Epona. You’ll should beat Ingo at 2 races first, but Epona is fine worth the effort. To go into the woodland Temple, you’ll need the Hookshot, i m sorry is located inside the Kakariko graveyard. Discover Dampe’s tombstone and also pull it earlier to expose his floating, race-crazy ghost; beat his difficulty and he’ll price you v the Hookshot – how specific!

Now head to the shed Woods, follow the usual musical cues and you’ll discover yourself at the woodland Temple. Sheik will certainly teach you the Minuet of Forest, which, once played, will certainly warp you directly to the temple. These holy place songs, along with the Prelude that Light, are useful later in the game when you desire to zip approximately the map. Because that now, use the Hookshot to enter the temple and begin the quest.

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The central idea here is come ignite the 4 torches in the center room. Each torch to represent a Poe ghost that’s flown off right into different locations of the temple; irradiate them by finding and destroying your portraits, and then the ghost itself.

Above: usage your newly gained Hookshot come get roughly the temple. Look for these target icons to latch onto, or vines/fences on the walls

Above: This move twists and also untwists the corridor behind it. Once you have the Fairy Bow, explore both the straight and twisted versions

Above: girlfriend can’t ache the Poes when they’re invisible; dodge their attack and then respond to with a jumping slash

Fighting Phantom Ganon: No, this isn’t Ganon – merely a ghostly covering posing as him. His an initial tactic is come gallop the end of the portraits and also zap you through energy; to fight back, have actually your bow drawn, ignore any type of decoy Ganons that retreat back into the paintings and also fire an arrow into the genuine Ganon as he flies out. He’ll ultimately ditch the horse, in ~ which point you need to knock his energy balls ago at him.

Next stop, Goron City and the Fire Temple!

DUNGEONS Deku | Dodongo | Jabu Jabu forest | Fire | Water | zero | heart | Ganon"s lock
ITEMS Heart pieces | bottles | Skulltulas | equipment

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