I’m make the efforts to import a project I began to develop in Rpg device Vx Ace because that Game an equipment Studio 2.

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I had currently made countless maps of an RPG project and also would choose to income them native RPG an equipment to Tiled Editor, and also later convert it to GM2.

Considering the I have actually the image of mine maps and also their corresponding tilesets, what would be the best an approach of importing them into Tiled automatically?

I’ve watched this topic that talks about some tools for this:

Map picture to tmx guide
hello there, i was in search of something to convert *.png map files into tmx records for video game recreation purposes. And I can not discover anything functioning or “ready come go”, therefore I have actually made my own and also I want to re-publishing it v You all. Probably some of You find it useful. Right here it is: https://mega.nz/#!BxVVVK6B!_07OnBopjgIq0txgB9CORT97sIezzqXUIIvo4aTkPcY that is made in java run from command line v command java -jar Img2Tmx.jar tileWidth tileHeight TileSet.png MapFile.png after handling both fi…

Is over there any an ext efficient technique for importing maps native Rpg Maker?

Thank you.


bjorn (Thorbjørn Lindeijer) February 20, 2018, 10:06am #2

Is there any an ext efficient an approach for importing maps native Rpg Maker?

Did you inspect out the tools and in what method would you mean the procedure to be more efficient?

Unfortunately Tiled currently doesn’t have actually this feature built-in, either to income maps from images or to load RPG maker maps (is the format documented somewhere?).

edneicabofrio (ednei) February 20, 2018, 3:45pm #3

I tested part tools and unfortunately ns was not satisfied v the results. Also though I have photos of mine RPG maker MV maps and tilesets, the income failed. However I was happy to recognize that these devices exist.

I execute not know if over there is any documentation about the style used by RPG Maker.

It would be a dream if Tiled had some sort of plugin the would permit map reading directly from the most renowned platforms like RPG device MV, Game maker Studio 2 and Unity. I would be ready to pay because that these plugins.

I very own licenses that RPG maker Vx Ace / MV and also Game device Studio 2 and would prefer to import plenty of maps developed in RPG device for GM2. Unfortunately, there is nothing that renders the communication between these platforms.

This would be an interesting source for anyone who desires to port a task from one platform to another.

I thought Tiled would certainly be the allude of intersection between several platforms. I see that Tiled can even export to numerous game production tools.

It would be exorbitant if Tiled could read directly the map documents of the most well-known tools.

Thank you.



It would be a dream if Tiled had some sort of plugin that would allow map reading directly from the most well-known platforms prefer RPG machine MV, Game maker Studio 2 and also Unity. I would certainly be willing to pay because that these plugins.

Right, Tiled have the right to export to plenty of different platforms, but reading maps is more an overwhelming since many platform-specific layouts have functions that Tiled no support. Not to mention it is normally much simpler to produce a file than come parse it.

That said, it’s not impossible, and also you’re welcome to aid seeking out documentation or ending up being a patron to assistance my work. If you desire to pay for such plugins directly, climate you might place a bounty top top BountySource or end up being a $200/month patron and I have the right to spend one complete day/month on the plugins friend need.

If I had a commercial video game company, it would certainly be my an excellent pleasure to do a comprehensive financial donation to her work. However, ns am just a student who possesses as hobbie come create simple games.

I know that my desire is very selfish. I do not understand if there is enough need to justify developing a plugin prefer this.

But favor I said, I would be willing to to buy a software application license that permits these features.

As a suggestion, it can be preserved tiled the method it is currently and also sold these plugins separately.

I think people who are looking for Tiled are the same people who are dissatisfied with the map editor of the game production tools castle use.

It’s simply a suggestion.

Thank you.

Ps. Ns made a tiny contribution today.

edneicabofrio thank you so much for becoming a patron! Every little bit problem and permits me to either spend an ext time on developing Tiled or to put bounties on specific issues to encourage others to assist out. Eventually, I certainly would favor to get approximately to the plugins she suggesting.

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It can be the there are more people the end there that would be willing to pay for such plugins, but I do not favor the idea the putting component of Tiled’s use behind a paywall. Instead, ns hope much more people (and companies) will certainly decide to support Tiled advancement in the future so that it deserve to be enhanced for everybody.