A family can be: a homemaker high schooler, his aunt through multiple personalities, his probe dad, his childhood ideal friend, a dog, and a mummy. In episode 3 of how to keep a mummy, “It"s Scary when Someone friend Care about Gets Sick,” weirdness is only a issue of perspective. Surrounding by an broadening cast of family members, Sora and also Mii-kun both realize just how mysterious each other"s method of life can be as they battle to treatment for one another. When Mii-kun"s antics stayed front and center, the episode"s expedition of this strange family gave the tiny mummy"s civilization a little an ext depth. Currently it"s much more apparent just how an anime around watching cute mythical creatures cuddle and also squeak could regulate to fill 12 half-hour episodes.

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“You"re like family to me,” Tazuki speak Sora after he recovers indigenous his cold, and it wake up to me that practically everyone we"ve met in exactly how to keep a mummy is pertained to one another. Sora may not have a mom and also his dad might not it is in around, but he and Mii-kun have quite the support system. When they acquire sick, anyone does their part, also Pochi the dog! This episode additionally establishes Kaede, Sora"s aunt who we"ve only seen by the glow of her computer screen until now—in fact, us didn"t even know she to be his aunt! Kaede is just now obtaining her official introduction, however she proves to fit best in through a fully unperturbed reaction to conference Mii-kun—and a bizarrely enthusiasm reaction come obtaining a coffin. Ns still have actually some questions about Kaede though. She"s a glasses design and somebody who has a the majority of urgent deadlines for work? can it be the she doesn"t only model for a glasses store however runs the entire service by herself?

But Kaede isn"t the focus today; it"s Sora and also Mii-kun. First, Sora gets sick and because this is anime, his instance of the usual cold is for this reason dramatic the he passionate collapses. At first he refuses to let anyone near him, yet when Mii-kun shrivels increase from crying out of loneliness, (shriveling secret solved!) Sora enables his tiny son to stay by his side. Mii-kun is confused by Sora"s out-of-character behavior, but he remembers Kaede placing a soaked cloth on his forehead. It was so adorable to see Mii-kun range the towering desk, plop into the water, shower off like a puppy, and also flop under on Sora"s forehead. It"s clear that Mii-kun has no idea why this is the cure because that Sora"s illness, but since he knows it makes Sora feeling better, that repeats the procedure all night. It"s not just Mii-kun"s wimpiness and minuscule stature the make the so precious, but the way he adores Sora and also does whatever in his pathetic lot of power to show how lot he cares.

Unfortunately, Mii-kun catches Sora"s cold. (Much like the question of what"s underneath Mii-kun"s bandages, this is just one of those plot advancements I"m not also going come speculate on.) Mii-kun begs to walk outdoors, tosses turn off his darling little hat and scarf, and buries self in the ground favor a dead thing. Ns mean, that is technically a mummy, and also mummies are dead through design. But Sora bring away this hard—such a “treatment” is as international to him together Sora"s self-isolation and cool washcloths were to Mii-kun. Through the way, i did part research, and it turns out that not just did the ancient Egyptians mummify their pets and other little creatures, but some of this mummies room stuffed through feathers and also dirt. Might that be why Mii-kun so quickly cleans up after being under in the dirt all day? did he just absorb it? now that we fixed the an enig of why the shrivels up, I"m more willing to game the idea that how to keep a mummy will certainly resolve much more mysteries about Mii-kun"s an ext peculiar habits.

Speaking that mysteries, that is the dark zero behind Tazuki at lunchtime? The final screen before the credits provides it away. Mii-kun is precious, yet I"m certain the addition of an equally small ogre girlfriend is walking to dual the cuteness quotient.

Rating: B

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