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Image: Blizzard to chat
Overwatch 2 might be deep in development, but Blizzard there is no forgotten about the original Overwatch and also the numerous ways it have the right to be improved. ~ above Thursday, Blizzard released an update for the game — only on the game’s publicly test region (PTR) servers for currently — that finally let football player customize their communication wheel with brand-new voice lines. Simply as important: You have the right to now respawn the basketball in spawn rooms.

Punching the basketball in really hopes of scoring a basket while wait for the match to start has actually been a core feature of Overwatch due to the fact that 2016 (even though Blizzard didn’t do the basketball hoop completely functional until a month after ~ the video game launched). Currently we’ve obtained the Overwatch quality of life attribute that players have been craving because that years.

Here’s a look at the brand-new basketball attribute in action, which calls for hitting the F vital (the communicate button) come respawn the ball, via the Overwatch subreddit:

Now that’s an F I have the right to pay mine respects to.

Lining increase a nothing-but-net shooting on Ilios, Nepal, or Lijiang Tower, only to have a random player knock the sphere away indigenous you has actually long been a source of frustration. Soon, that worry will it is in nothing however a distant memory. Thank you, Overwatch team.

Blizzard there is no said as soon as the game’s recent patch will certainly hit the Nintendo Switch, playstations 4, and also Xbox One version of Overwatch, yet when the arrives, it will certainly make the thrill of occasionally scoring 2 points that lot easier.

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