I"d choose the an approach to draw it using 2 circles and also a rectangle because I think that"s the easiest method. However other methods are additionally OK. I require a not as well curvy heart. Something like this.

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I tried placing two one together and also a square below them. But I"m not obtaining a perfect heart. The intersection clues of the square and also circles are edgy.I desire to know exactly how much street there have to be in between the circles and how big the square have to be when contrasted to the circles. Right here is mine effort"s result.




Create a semicircle through the same diameter:

Open the Align and also distribute tab, select relative to together first selected.

Select your square and then your semicircle.align bottom edge of objects to height edge the anchor.

Select all three objects, path → object come path and path → union.


One more technique a bit similar to what Wrzlprmft posted is as follows:

Draw a square (hold Shift+Ctrl when dragging rectangle tool) that 100 units and also a semicircle (hold Shift+Ctrl making use of ellipse tool) the 100 unit width.Using Align tool place the semicircle top top one finish of the square. Likewise duplicate the semicircle and also place that on the nearby side that the square as shown.


Group the 3 objects.Use object- change tool- rotate by 45 deg for rotating the group object. Ungroup the .Selecting the 2 squares use path-division, incorporate all the parts using path- union, except the bottom rounded corner as shown. Usage path-union to integrate the square & semi circle.

I would certainly go about it as follows (more of a visual then a geometrical approach):

1) utilizing the bézier tool, attract a triangular shape as shown listed below with the left line perfectly vertical (use Ctrl when drawing)


2) Menu modify > Clone > develop Clone, then with choice tool enabled, flip the clone horizontally (using the symbol in the tool alternatives above) and also move it to the left, snapping it to the original


3) pick the original, and also with the node tool tweak the form. You more than likely want the best node to be smooth.


4) readjust fill and stroke together needed. Optional: as soon as you"re happy with the result, choose the clone, and do edit > Clone > Unlink Clone. Then choose both shapes and do route > Union. This will offer you one course for the last heart shape.



You can likewise draw a heart shape using heart text symbols.

Add a text in InkscapeTo transform text come path, walk to Path > object to Path
There are many ways to perform this. Based on what girlfriend have, I"d imply converting the forms to paths, combining them, and then working through the nodes.

Convert the rectangle and circles come paths, if you haven"t already Ctrl+Shift+C.Combine the rectangle and also one of the one by choosing them and also clicking route > UnionDo the exact same with the other circleUsing the Node device F2you must see a couple of nodes in the lower left and lower right corners, whereby the edges aren"t meeting correctly. Merge this nodes together by click the "Join nodes" button from the toolbar (hover over the buttons to view what lock do).

This is a common method to draw things in Inkscape: autumn the rough shapes on the canvas, transform them to paths, integrate them, manipulate the nodes until you get what you want.

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