The Escapists 2 is the recent prison sandbox game where you need to come increase with means to escape. There room multiple methods you have the right to go around doing this, and many things to execute to collection up her escape.

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In this beginner"s guide to The Escapists 2, I"m walk to go over some helpful info and also tips for those just getting started in this game.

The Escapists 2 Basics

First, allow me walk over a few basics. The an initial thing you must do is finish the tutorial. Friend will desire to pay attention throughout this as they give you good info that will aid you throughout the remainder of the game.

There are 6 full stats to keep track of, 3 of i m sorry you have the right to improve.


Health:Your full life. Once it get 0, you gain taken to the infirmary.Stamina:How much power you have. You require this to perform actions choose exercise, studying, or digging.Heat:This is just how suspicious the guards of you. If this it s okay high, castle will begin to monitor you. If the gets too high, they will certainly beat you until you are taken to the infirmary or solitary confinement.

Below space the stats you deserve to improve. Lock each walk to a max the 100.

Strength:Affects just how much damages you do.Fitness:Affects exactly how much Stamina girlfriend lose during activities.Intellect: Affects what you have the right to craft.

I indicate maxing the end Fitness whenever friend can, then functioning on Strength. The maximum quantity of Intellect you have to craft everything is 70, despite you room fine through 40-60 because that the very first prison.

Check in because that Each Routine, however You"re totally free After That

If girlfriend don"t inspect in in ~ an activity, guards will acquire suspicious. Luckily, all you should do is present up, climate you can leave right away. Once you see that green inspect mark present up, you have the right to do whatever you want and also the guards won"t inquiry it.

This uses to the an initial prison, however the later on ones can not be so generous.

Use Group tasks to Get and Complete detainees Quests

Group activity times like Roll Call and Meals room the finest time to acquire and finish Prisoner"s Quests, due to the fact that everyone will certainly be in the same spot.There are countless quests that need you come take an item to one more prisoner. Because everyone is ideal there, that is quick and also easy cash.

Train Stats and Survey the jail During complimentary Time

You will want your stats high sufficient to attain whatever escape you have actually planned, and you must scope out the finest places and also times because that an escape.

Free Time is the longest duration of time you have to do stuff, so use it wisely.


Check every Prisoner"s desk Often

Prisoners save all kinds of crafting materials and other valuable items in your desks. Taking these will save a many time and also money. Just don"t stay too lengthy if a guard sees you, or they will obtain suspicious.

How to acquire a Job

If you are choose me, you could have to let go this little component during the overview on the prison. During Job time, they present an arrowhead that goes in the direction of a room. If you walk in the room, a worker will sit through you, do a complaint, and you earn money.

This just happens if you don"t have a job. If you walk to the sign outside the room, friend can apply for a job. Some inmates might already have jobs, yet I was able to use for garbage Disposal once I established what to be going on.

You deserve to make someone shed their project by make them miss work 3 job in a row. The exact same goes because that you, for this reason be certain to accomplish your work quota every day!

Have a cover Up obtainable If friend Dig, rest Walls, or obtain in waiting Vents

Whenever you damage any type of property in prison, it will be found and the prison alert will certainly go up. They will likewise fix whatever you did, making the a waste of time.

You deserve to fix this by hiding your work. Handmade a poster if you space breaking with walls. If you space digging a feet in her cell, you deserve to pick up your table and also place it over the hole to hide it. If you room going through the wait vents in the ceiling, girlfriend will desire to craft a fake vent cover.

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Those are all the tips I have actually for acquiring started in The Escapists 2. Let me understand if you have any questions or advice of your very own for those just getting started! and stay tuned for moreEscapists 2 guides for other tips and also tricks to help you make your escape.