At Sinister Coffee and also Creamery, we lovecoffee,ice cream, and a great paranormal investigation. You deserve to read much more about our investigate here. ReadOrigins component Two to acquire the behind the examination scoop. Today"s object is REM Pods. Gain ready for an understanding into among the paranormal world’s investigative tools for experimenting ghost phenomenon.

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Read around REM ford for ghost hunting. REM ford are offered in investigations together with other paranormal investigation devices in this blog.

REM Pod Definition


The REM Pod is a small, compact machine considered to be crucial items in the people of paranormal detection equipment. REM stands for Radiating Electro-Magneticity. A REM Pod has actually an antenna the covers a variety of 360 degrees, it detects disturbances and changes in the area neighboring it. The REM Pod radiates one electro-magnetic ar said to produce energy for spirits to connect through. The REM pod supplies sound and also colored lights to collection off alarms for the ghost hunter.

REM Pod History

The Rem Pod was created originally because that the Ghost Adventure team, but has due to the fact that entered into mainstream investigations. It was developed by Gary Galka, who lost one that his daughters in a tragic vehicle accident. Galka, an applications engineer, first created the Mel8704r meter i m sorry is a handheld maker similar to a REM Pod.

REM Pod and Paranormal Investigations

The Electro-magnetic field around the REM pod is impacted by anything the conducts electrical power including the human being body. When power enters the REM Pod’s ar it alerts the user with noise and lights. It’s argued that this is a starting point for soul communication. Beginning a digital record at that point can productivity some great results. Different lights bright on the REM Pod at differing rates. This response is dependent on the level of energy generated by soul or energy in the area. Setting up the REM Pod in one area that has been known to have had actually ghost sightings or noticeably energy or temperature move is a great use the this device.

Capturing activity


RED POD PRO series and REM Pod through Temperature Detection are now accessible for paranormal investigator’s use. The ideal evidence we caught during a examination came from an old exit cemetery. You can read around that examination on our blog Friday the 13th, by the light of a complete moon. The activity can likewise be scene on YouTube Friday 13 exceptional REM Pod Responses. That is important to keep in mind that throughout our investigations we have actually become conscious that our walkies offered by our team come communicate, offered interference and also false activity, for this reason be mindful of the various other equipment roughly you once using your device.

More Ghost investigation Equipment

Staying up so late is no problem with ours Clairvoyant coffee. The won’t offer you any medium choose abilities however it will aid you remain alert when prowling the night for paranormal activity. Interested in other paranormal examination tools? Visit ours investigations attach or click the buttons listed below to check out more.

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*We perform not recommend any kind of kind of examination without suitable safety measures. We also do not recommend instigating reality for fun or entertainment. Us take ours investigations an extremely seriously and offer plenty of follow ups come ensure we have left the places in far better shape then we found it.