We"ll take it you step by step the initial process of do arrows and also altering them.

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How To make Arrows

Creating arrows will set you back 1 Stick and 5 Feathers.

You"ll be able to craft 5 arrows at a time.

Hopefully, you already know how to obtain sticks, simple peasy.

You can uncover sticks laying on the floor or you have the right to collect lock by hitting bushes with your axe.

Getting feathers is a tiny harder, you"ll need to kill some birds.

When you do so, you need to see part feathers floating in the air.

Another alternative is setting up a birdhouse.

Combine the Stick and Feathers in your backpack by right-clicking them.

Once you have actually them all in the middle, right-click the cogwheel and you"ll have actually some arrows!

You can likewise create an arrow basket come store any type of extra you have! This will become crucial later right into the game.

Arrow Types

As mentioned previously there space a few different types of arrows.

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Each deserve to be produced by including extra items, friend can discover them below:

Bone ArrowsAdd 5 bones come the recipeDeals 40% more damageFire ArrowsAdd 1 Cloth and also 1 Booze come the recipeMakes arrows flammableDeals burn damagePoison ArrowsAdd pair Berries, eye Berries, Amanita Mushroom or Jack Mushroom come the recipeDeals poison damage.
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