I'm in a supernatural RPG campaign with a group of mine mates where we beat a bunch that Hunter's youngsters who's parents have disappeared and also now we're hunting on our own. Gift teenagers, we're a bunch of idiots. We're hella efficient, but unconventional. We killed a hoard of chupacabras with Taylor Swift and a combine harvester, because that example.

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The job I'm greatly toying with new weapons/methods to address monsters. Silver- knuckle dusters inlaid v rock salt is among my favourites. Holy hand grenades v anointed oils as a binding certified dealer is another.

What an imaginative methods have ye assumed up because that monster/demon disposal?

EDIT - Delighted with the response to this. Some an imaginative people on here =D


Although, if friend shine it at their feet, your legs block component of the architecture so the trap isn't finish rendering it ineffective. Uneven you shine the on the floor below? Which brings up another question, how close perform you need to be native the catch to be effective? We've watched traps attracted on ceilings work, attracted under rugs, etc. If the trap is under the an initial floor rug, will certainly it trap a demon on the second floor? Does it trap any type of demons in the column?

How about an overlay because that a Mag lite? Prop it up against something or ice it come a pole Shine it on the ceiling... Done.

What around those clown flowers the spray the out? Especially advantageous if they gain close and personal and grab you.

Subsonic exorcism top top super short frequency device.

Also, ultrasonic variation at a much greater frequency.

Sanctified firetruck? instead of using consistent gun oil, use holy oil together lubricants for her fire arms?

Devil's traps don't need to surround a demon in order to catch it as suggested by Abbadon being trapped by the bullet. For this reason what we have the right to deduce native this is that devil's traps occupational either with demons within them or v them inside demons. Acquire a tattoo on every fingertip and also shove it under the demon's throat, in a pinch you have the right to lose a finger to conserve yourself.

I've constantly wondered why lock don't have actually layered metal knives i.e. Silver inlaid with iron. Silver functions on prefer 3/4 monsters and also iron on practically everything else. Or simply a pronged blade made of different materials prefer a grill fork.

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Dean misses an opportunity every time that rebuilds Baby, he can easily cloak the grill through iron or silver.