Gear mates force two contents to rotate relative to one anotherabout selected axes. Precious selections for the axis the rotation for gear mates includecylindrical and also conical faces, axes, and also linear edges.

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Also: You deserve to mate any kind of two contents that you desire to rotaterelative come one another. You do not have to mate two gears. Comparable to other mate types, gear mates execute not preventinterference or collisions in between components. To protect against interference, useCollision Detection or Interference Detection.
Click girlfriend (Assembly toolbar) orInsert > Mate. In the PropertyManager,on theMechanicaltab, click Gear. Under mate Selections,select the rotation axes ~ above the 2 gears for Entities come Mate. Under MateType: OptionDescriptionRatioReverse
The software assigns equipment ratios based upon therelative size of the cylindrical encounters or circular edge you select.The values space parametric. You have the right to override the values.
to revert to the default value, deletethe override value. The background color of the box is white for thedefault value, and yellow for the override value.
Select turning back to adjust the direction the rotation that thegears family member to one another.
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