So your boss assigns you the job of building out your company’s Google Ads (formerly recognized as Google AdWords) account. Your heart sinks to the bottom of her chest, together flashbacks native high school of sit in math class attempting to solve problems that appear unsolvable (because you failed come study) re-surface indigenous the earlier of her mind.

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Hey! cool out! building out a Google Ads account structure is no as intimidating as it might appear. Yes, the Google Ads interface deserve to be a little bit tricky come navigate at times, but this step-by-step overview will walk you through whatever you should do to develop a well-structured account. Also, mental the framework of your account is not permanent, and also will likely continue to readjust and evolve over time.

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Note: If you"re looking for Google Ads account assist during COVID-19, check out our Step-by-Step overview to Google Ads Account Recovery.

Why Is Google Ads Account framework So Important?

Let’s take a step ago – what is also meant through account structure and also why is that so important?

I’m glad you asked. Placed simply, the way you framework your Google Ads account allows you to regulate how you want your ads to it is in triggered and when and where you desire them come appear. Not having a well-structured account is like attempting to journey a automobile that’s not properly developed – mishaps are bound come happen. Keep in mind that having a well-structured account will:

Ensure the the searches triggering your ads are appropriate for your audience.

The 6 crucial Components of Google Ads Account Structure

It’s crucial to have actually a full understanding of each component that account structure before even dreaming of gaining started, so let’s quickly review the basics.

Campaigns: how to structure Google Ads campaigns, in a nutshell: unless your account is an extremely large, you’ll commonly only have a few campaigns the surround broader themes. Each campaign will contain advertisement groups, which contain keywords the tie to your text ads and also direct to your landing page. Typically I recommend deciding on project topics based upon how you want to divvy up her marketing budget since you set up your budget at the project level.Ad Groups: Under each campaign, you will develop relevant advertisement groups, which will certainly be much an ext specific. There’s no recommended number of ad groups to have under a campaign, but typically it’s much more manageable to no go overboard due to the fact that this will stretch your project budget across so many advertisement groups, keywords, ads, and landing pages, that results might suffer. Ad groups contain keywords (no much more then 10-20 is recommended), these keywords will cause your text ads (2-3 per advertisement group), and also then direct to a relevant landing page.

Now the we’ve the evaluation the basics, let’s obtain into the nitty gritty the what you need to do when structure out her account. If you’re fully new come Google Ads, start off by developing an account. This component should it is in pretty self-explanatory, however follow this guide if you require assistance. customers take keep in mind – friend can develop out her Google Ads account through the software, yet if you have actually not developed an account yet then you must develop one in Google Ads, pull it right into the software, and then you can start manually structure out straight through the ‘Manage PPC’ tab in’s PPC Advisor.

#1: spend Time Deciding just how You desire Your Account to be Structured

This inquiry arises constantly: What is the perfect account structure? I dislike to break it to ya, however there is truthfully no magic recipe because that structuring your account, and more than one strategy can prove successful. Luckily, there space a few different approaches that job-related well:

Based top top the framework of your Website: exactly how is your website structured? execute you have various tabs or pages for different commodities or offerings? do you value different product pages end others? If her website is well-structured (which it have to be), climate it provides sense to framework your Google Ads account in a similar fashion.By Products/Services Offered: This is likely the very same as the framework of your website, but think around your various services or assets offered and structure your account in a comparable fashion. Because that example, stop say you market tennis gear, girlfriend would desire to produce a project for tennis rackets, tennis balls, tennis clothing, etc. Climate under the tennis rackets project you could create separate advertisement groups for the brands you market or possibly for the size or gender the racket is for. Take it a look in ~ your various offerings and decide which persons are most valuable. Is over there a very big demand because that tennis bags online? climate you might want to a campaign for tennis bags v a greater budget. Invest some time mapping the end your products, and also deciding exactly how you want to divvy up her budget between campaigns.

Of course, over there are countless other methods to structuring your account, however it’s all about taking the time to come up v a rational structure that will be simple to manage, track, and also optimize to gain the finest results over time. For this reason take the time to ponder various structuring techniques, and decide ~ above the one that works finest for your business. When you’ve made decision I’d recommend actually mapping the end the structure on a piece of file or in one Excel doc to acquire a complete visual of the campaigns and advertisement groups you will do it be creating.

Not sure the best method to structure your account? We can help! examine out comprehensive walk-through here:



#2: command Keyword Research

So you’ve drawn out a beautiful account framework with project themes and advertisement group topics. Now it’s time to to fill up those advertisement groups with keywords, but how go one select which keywords to use? Perhaps, simply randomly picking keywords that sound related? Hmm, not quite the strategy I would take. You need to do some thorough keyword research study to ensure you’re choosing keywords that aren’t too competitive or that have low quality scores or find volume. 

Start by going with each ad group and keeping an organized list in an Excel document. Then usage either Google’s Keyword Planner or’s Keyword tool to uncover relevant keywords for each advertisement group. Be certain to store in mind the it’s finest to start little with the number of keywords you use per ad group (10-20 max). But, why? isn’t it finest to bid on more keywords come get far better results? snapshot a party the was method too crowded; the food was consumed up before you can get any, you can barely relocate without breathing anywhere your neighbor, and others likely stepped on her feet not even realizing you were there. Google reacts the same method when too countless keywords space in an ad group – the party is simply too crowded and the opportunities of acquiring traffic and also results out of every keyword space slim come none. You’re likewise going to want to use a range of match types, bidding higher the more restrictive friend go v each enhance type.

Once you have actually a keyword list for each ad group in place it’s time come dive in and start building.

#3: produce Your very first Campaign

Now that you’ve invested time mapping out your Google Ads account structure with a thorough keyword list, that time to obtain the sphere rolling and build out your very first campaign. Start with the one that is highest possible priority, and then job-related down native there.The very first thing you’ll desire to carry out is testimonial your project settings. This part sounds self-explanatory, however advertisers have tendency to do careless mistakes, which can price a huge chunk of marketing budget. Moral of the story, use caution and also go through your setups diligently. Double check the following items:

Type: you’ll be immediately opted right into Search Network with screen Select. This option works fine for specific advertisers who room trying to obtain the most reach together possible, but be aware that this will enable your message ads to display outside of search, on Google’s screen network (i.e. Assorted sites throughout the web). I generally prefer keeping search and display separate, for this reason I would recommend selecting “Search Network Only.” 

Default Bid & Budget: Default bid is simply the max CPC that will be bound to every keyword girlfriend add. This have the right to be easily adjusted for every keyword, i beg your pardon you’ll likely want to execute so just set it come a number that you’re comfortable paying every click. Budget is even much more important. Calculate exactly how much you are willing to spend per work on that campaign with the marketing spending plan you have allotted come Google Ads to assist you decide. That"s your Google Ads campaign structure in a nutshell. individuals – girlfriend can conveniently customize your project settings through the “Manage PPC” tab in ~ Advisor. Simply choose the project on the campaign tree, and then navigate to the dark grey device bar into settings to do adjustments.

#4: create Your first Ad group & text Ad

To acquire your project running correctly you need ads (duh!). As we went over before, ads are tied to a list of keywords in ~ an ad group, for this reason the first thing we’ll have to do is develop a new ad group. Under the campaigns tab in Google Ads, you’ll see an “Ad groups” tab and a red +Ad group button. Select that and also refer to her previous work-related to location your very first ad team (for example, going back to our tennis example, maybe this ad group is Women’s Tennis Rackets).

Then you’ll need to create your first ad, because of food an advertisement group won’t have the ability to run unless there’s at least one advertising in the group. To acquire started with advertisement text creation keep the following pieces of advice in mind:

Relevance: Your ad text needs to reflect the keywords and landing page text the ad is directing to. If she bidding top top a general keyword like “tennis shoes” and your ad reads “Women’s Tennis Shoes,” then male searchers space going to be discouraged and not click your ad. Clearly display your target keywords within the headline and description present of your advertisement text.Direct to the many Relevant Landing Page: In perfect world, you’ll already have landing pages created for each advertisement group running. That"s among many ad groups ideal practices. If not, I would certainly allocate part time and also resources to create ad group particular landing pages. This can sounds ridiculous, yet if the landing web page that the searcher is directed to isn’t relevant to the ad clicked on, then the chances of castle bouncing ago to Google are high. 

#5: include the appropriate Keyword List into the advertisement Group

On the same display you’ll watch a white box titled “Keywords” where you’ll desire to add in the previously developed keyword list. Together a reminder, this list have to be brief (no an ext then 10-20 keywords) and also extremely pertinent to the advertisement text and landing page that the users room being directed to. Likewise keep in mind that by default, new keywords are added on vast match. To specify match varieties use the designated punctuation; for example use quotations around a “phrase keyword,” base to point out an , plus signs to +specify +modified +broad, and vast keywords deserve to simply be added as is.

Once you’ve finished developing your very first ad group, advertisement text, and also keyword list, select Save and continue come billing.

Congrats! you’ve successfully developed your first campaign, advertisement group, message ad, and keyword list, yet you’re no out of the woods rather yet…

#6: develop One or Two more Ads in Your advertisement Group & Adjust ad Settings

Now that everything’s up and also running in your very first ad group, you require to produce at the very least one or two an ext ads. You desire to operation at the very least two or three ads in each ad group to compare performance. Her ads need to be similar, however just worded slightly various – perhaps putting the call-to-action in a different place or highlighting a different an essential point in each ad. This will permit you come test her ads and see what resonates v your audience. Save in mind the you still desire to follow the bullet points provided in #4 regarding creating advertisement text, however just make each ad ever so contempt different.

To create a brand-new ad, very first make certain you’re in the “Campaigns” ar of your Google Ads account, ~ above the left hand side of the page choose the ad group which you simply created, and navigate to the ads tab. Indigenous their choose +Ad and start creating your new text ad.

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What’s Next?

Don’t kick your feet up just yet! that time come rinse and repeat. As defined above, you’re walking to want a couple of ad teams per campign to spread out out the relevant keywords come the subsets that the project theme. Refer ago to her account map the we produced at the beginning of the build-out, and also keep building upon your mainly account structure.

What strategies have actually you found successful when building out an Google Ads or bing account?

Feel totally free to leave your comment, questions, and concerns below. I’m here to help!