Harley has higher sex very nice one for females than men, follow to American date service, BikerKiss. And some ladies even discover Harleys provide them one orgasm! 

The southerly California digital dating company asked about 3000 members (1900 men and also 1100 women) “is Harley your favourite motorcycle brand” and also 31% the women said yes, contrasted with 19% men. A loaded question to patriotic Americans, maybe, yet it shows that women choose a nice, huge status symbol.


The most common answer to the concern was that Harley motorcycles space “gorgeous and expensive”. One date club member said: ”I love it as soon as I am on a Harley. It offers you all the fist you want.” one more said: “it’s not around being pride or anything, or like I’m law it the end of vanity. I just love that deep down.”

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But this is the point that Harley-Davidson will certainly love the most: part women space able come orgasm when riding a Harley because of the vibration from the big twin-cylinder engines. ~ all, sex sells, right? 

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While Harley may be able to use sex as a sales attribute for their bikes, BMW can’t carry out the exact same as a current court threw out a insurance claim by a Californian rider the his BMW K 1100 RS offered him a permanent erection. 

If that not around sex, climate riding a Harley is about lifestyle, the BikerKiss dating organization found. BikerKiss.com is the world’s first biker dating site for biker singles who room looking to meet other biker friends. The website additionally found in an additional survey that fun and finances room the height reasons for world to drive a motorcycle, regardless of motorcycles gift risky and vulnerable to the weather.

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