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This write-up will focus on exactly how to print Google Doc with comments. Google Docs is an online application offered by millions approximately the globe. It is among the most popular file editors rivaling Microsoft Word. One of the best and most attractive benefits about it is the it is totally free.

And, because it is a web-based application, you deserve to use the from almost everywhere you desire without any restrictions whatsoever. You have the right to imagine then why it’s so popular.

One attribute that human being use a lot on Google Docs, especially when collaborating through others on the exact same file, is the capability to make comments. A comment is a item of message that appears to the next of a i within a document.

It is useful in do remarks or proposal so all the parties functioning on the same record are mindful of them. Also, sometimes, these papers may should be printed. In cases like these, it would be extremely advantageous if the comments might be printed as well.

Table the Contents
1How to print Google Doc through comments
1.1By downloading and install it as a word document
1.2Use a internet browser extension
2Wrap Up

How to publish Google Doc through comments

Fortunately, you can print a Google Doc with comments. There space basically two methods you have the right to do this. Let’s take it a look at each.

By downloading and install it as a word document

This technique involves downloading your Google Doc paper as a Microsoft word document. Then, you simply print this Word document as girlfriend would any kind of other word file. Let’s take it a look in ~ the steps connected in this.

If you are on your Google Doc paper with comments, click “File” towards the upper left-hand corner of your screen. A drop-down food selection will appear;On this drop-down menu, click “Download”. An additional drop-down food selection will show up to the side.Now, click on “Microsoft native (.docx)”. This will certainly download her Google Doc record to your computer system with every the comment intact;


On your computer, situate the paper and open it. It will certainly most likely be in her “Downloads” folder;Once the file is open, press the “Ctrl + P” keys. If you are using macOS, then you need to press the “Cmd + P” keys. This will lug up the publish screen, wherein you have the right to see on the publish preview just how your document will look once printed. You will be able to see the comments together well;


Click ~ above “Print” and also your record will be published with comments.

Use a web browser extension

The 2nd option is to usage a web browser extension. If you are using Google Chrome, you can use an extension named “Print Google Doc through Comments”. Let’s take it a look at the steps involved in this method:

Open your browser and accessibility;Type “Chrome web store” and also hit enter;Click ~ above the first search result. The will have the URL, “”. You will be forwarded to the Chrome internet store;


On the left next of the screen, girlfriend will find a small search bar. There, type “Print Google Doc through Comments” and also hit enter;


The expansion that we need will appear at the optimal of the list. Click it;


Next, click on the “Add to Chrome” button. This will include this expansion to her Google Chrome net browser;


Now, open up up your Google Doc paper with comments that you want to print;Then, click the expansion that we just added to the browser;


This will open up up a print window within the browser. On the publish preview, you can see the the comments will be there once you publish this document.


In the “Destination” field, make certain the name of your printer appears. Then click on “Print”.

Wrap Up

Google Docs is without doubt a an excellent platform the you deserve to use to compose your documents. Due to the fact that it is a web-based application, that is exceptionally easy to use. That is “commenting” feature allows you come annotate or insert proposal for any type of piece of message within the document.

This can be useful in number of scenarios. Usually, when civilization are collaborating ~ above the same document, they have tendency to use this attribute more.

Sometimes, you might additionally want to print your Google Doc record with the comments still intact. There are two methods you can do this. The very first way involves download the document as a Word file and then printing it from there.

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The 2nd option involves installing a web browser extension that enables you to print your record with comments within your browser.