1.Paint the totality canvas white. Make certain it has sufficient paint to do a wetsurface, but not soaking v paint.

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3.Use the sponge brush to fan/spreadthe repaint towards the peak of the canvas.You will watch the white repaint start come mix through your color. The is what friend want.
4.Continue using your sponge brush, butonly brush towards the height of the canvas to do there seem favor peaks comingfrom the center of her canvas.
6.Pour a line of your 2nd color, underyour an initial color, in the center of her canvas.Note: If your colors mix in the middle of the canvas, that does notmatter. This component will it is in completelycovered in glitter.

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7.Use the sponge brush to fan/spreadthe paint towards the bottom that the canvas.Again, the white paint will mix v your second color and this is ok.
8.Continue utilizing your sponge brush butonly brush in the direction of the bottom of her canvas to make peaks comes from themiddle. (It may be much easier for girlfriend if youturn her canvas upside under