Google announced its new Pixel generation Pixel 2/ Pixel 2 XL in October 2017 which additionally is the an initial Android phone launched with the latest Android 8.0 Oreo. Google has followed the footstep of to apologize to remove the headphone jack. This means only Bluetooth or USB-C tpye headphones are enabled to use on Google Pixel 2. Below are some useful tutorials for helping you carry songs to your brand-new Google Pixel 2 efficiently. You can likewise watch a video tutorial to know an ext in details in ~ the finish of the article. Let"s see how they work.

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method 1: Manager let you pick the details songs
What you must prepare?
just how to import?

Step 1: once Manager successful to synchronize your Google Pixel 2, click "Media" alternative on the left group menu bar. Then all the songs in her Google Pixel 2 will display on the screen.

Step 2: Click "Add" button which locates in the food selection bar. We administer you two develops to import music, music record and music folder room all sustained to import. Step 3: girlfriend can choose the certain type you like. Click "OK" or "Open" to end up import.

Opps! conference detection difficulty in the process? Don"t worry, just check our Android detection difficulty tutorial.


technique 2: Transfer have the right to transfer in one click

Step 1: Download and also install Data Transfer routine on her computer. Launch Data Transfer and select "Transfer" option.

Step 2: Then affix both your old call and brand-new Google Pixel 2 to computer. Make sure the source device is top top the left next while Google Pixel on the right.

Step 3: will present your the backup list including Music, SMS, call logs, Photos, Apps, Whatsapp, Notes, VIdeo and more. Pick "Audio" and other data you desire to sync come Google Pixel 2, then click "Next".

Opps! encounter detection problem in the process? Don"t worry, just examine our Android detection problem tutorial.

This comfortable Google Transfer regime also allows you to transfer music native iTunes to brand-new Gooogle Pixel 2 device.

Step 1: launch Data Transfer and select "Restore" > "iTunes Library" option on main interface. Connect Google Pixel 2 come, wait until it is successfully recognised.

Step 2: All her iTunes library music repertoire will show up on the left list. Pick a music playlist and click "Next".

TIPS: this data move tool additionally supports to transfer data native iTunes backup/iCloud backup to iOS/Android devices, if you also need to transfer other data from your iTunes/iCloud backup to Google Pixel 2, just download and have a try!
This is the most common means to most people. Just affix your Pixel 2 to computer system via USB cable. Then choose the specific music paper or folder friend want and copy to her Google Pixel 2"s music folder. However, this mehtod just works on computer to phone transfer.

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Support all Android Phones and also Tablets


Supported OS: Android 3.0 - Android 11

Supported Files: contacts, messages, apps, music, videos, photos, call logs, bookmarks.

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