I have actually used incubadoradeartistas.com for several years and all of a sudden the Clone device is not functioning normally. Ns am on an unlocked layerI choose the clone toolI adjust it to the size and also hardness ns want. 100% hardnessI move it end a component of the picture I want to Clone and also click Alt to selectI relocate to where I desire to copy that to and also can watch the cloned picture in the tool yet when i click the doesn"t execute anythingPlease help
Check the mode settings. If the is anything other than Normal, this can explain it. Also check that the Opacity or circulation is not collection to zero or a very low value.

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I have had some problems with PS and also think I have solved few of them, yet for now, I discovered a link (see below) and it had some answers to mine problem and also there is a "clone problem" resolved there too. Inspect it out and also I hope it helps: https://www.howtogeek.com/56742/10-common-incubadoradeartistas.com-frustrations-and-how-to-fix-them-in-five-minutes...Good Luck! 
Had problems with the clone tool and also the "Your Cursor Disappears or changes Shape" one addressed it because that me. Other cursors: switching from conventional to specific to it is in exact.
Same problem here. No selections, no masks, opacity 100%, on lift layer. Clone device acts much more like healing brush. Transforms pixels yet not specific clone the source.

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Found what I think is a solution. Opening the device Preset Picker (leftmost button on the height bar when choosing the clone tool), climate clicking the equipment icon, there"s a "Reset Tool" alternative in the menu that seems to have fixed the problem, i m sorry is odd since I never adjusted any of the device settings and also they every look the very same after the reset as they to be before.
Mine is law this too. I have checked every settings, ensured unlocked layer, mode is common etc. The is functioning inconsistently. If i reset the device it functions again because that a pair clicks or so climate it seems to no longer be connected to the tool and I have to reset everywhere again to maybe acquire a couple more clicks working. Periodically it doesn"t job-related at all v a reset. Very frustrating. 
Are you utilizing rotation at all? https://feedback.incubadoradeartistas.com.com/incubadoradeartistas.com_family/topics/incubadoradeartistas.com-20-0-1-preview-of-clone-stamp-rotation-is-not-correct
I am facing exactly the same problem as explained in the question. Making use of incubadoradeartistas.com CC (21.1.3) on Mac Catalina. Currently tried reseting the tool. Setting is normal, opacity and also flow 100%. I have actually no areas selected and also it is top top the correct image layer. Once I move brush over I deserve to see the cloned image but when i click, nothing happens. I have actually used clone stamp efficiently in older versions the incubadoradeartistas.com. You re welcome help!

NONE of THE over CRAP functioned FOR ME. CLONE functioned ON all OTHER images IN BIN, SO as soon as I RESIZED TGHE PTOB;EM IMAGE, instantly IT copy AGAIN. Monster program beyond ANYONE"s understanding often, just do trial and error. BR

I am making use of incubadoradeartistas.com 19.1.9. I am working from home so have to remote right into my an equipment at work via citrix. The alt crucial isn"t working through citrix so i cant use the clone tool. Has any kind of one uncovered a work approximately for this?

Hi. I have actually happily offered the clone tool on facets 11 for years. I made decision to upgrade to 2020 to gain the colorize point (which isn"t working and also online colorizers yet thats another complaint) yet the clone is appalling, and also Ive had to go earlier to 11. I select what I desire to clone, start placing the clone onto whereby I want it, and unless it climate decides to move the clone to another area, and also again, and again. As if ive taken mine finger turn off - even then the not claimed to carry out that. Whats going ~ above ? Its done it right for first few days and also never since. As I said if I require clone I need to use the much older P.E. 11