I love you-Unë të dua.

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Even if you"ve never ever heard any type of love paragraph in Albanian before, girlfriend still gain the sense from how they sound the they typical something important. This day we"re going to take it you on a romantic expedition of one of the many beautiful language in Europe.

There is a various version of ns love you:Të dashuroj, a much longer version of the first. It has three translations: toneed, towant, and tolove.

So as soon as an Albanian saysUnë të dua, lock really typical it!

Love paragraph In Albanian

I choose youTi më pëlqen(informal)
I prefer you(ju) më pëlqeni. (formal)
A an extremely beautiful girlNjë vajzë shumë e bukur
Love at very first sight.Dashuri me shikim të parë.
Are you married?Jeni e martuar? (female) / Jeni ns martuar? (male)
May ns kiss youMund Unë puth ty
Are you date anyone now?A jeni takim dikush tani?
I"m singleJam beqar. (male) / Jam beqare (female)
You median the human being to meTi je e gjithë bota për mua
I can not live there is no youUnë nuk mund të jetoj pa ty
I"m marriedJam e martuar (female)/ Jam ns martuar. (male.)
Hand in handDora në dorë

Culture and also Love In Albania

The most an effective Albanian native isdua,but what go this translate to culturally?

When it comes to dating and love, every country is different, and also there isn"t a one-size-fits-all generalization you deserve to make around a nation.

That gift said, Albania is definitely a an ext conservative culture. For example, over there is a reduced divorce rate compared to western Europe, and women dress a lot more conservatively(as they carry out in other bulk Muslim countries).

Weddings In Albania

Albanian weddings room crazy in every the best kinds of ways. Weddings are sometimes week-long affairs the involve anyone in the community, and also there are plenty of elaborate rituals between the bride and groom"s families.


It is common, particularly in landscape settings, to fire firearms in the air when the bride arrives at the groom"s house. The is a heritage that goes ago years and also has its root in Albania"s warrior past. However, perhaps the human being who began it couldn"t imagine contemporary people through their automatic rifles.


As debated elsewhere in the Albanian blog, the variety of Albanians living overseas is 3 times greater than the of human being who live in Albania. Nowadays, in the likes the America, girlfriend will watch combinations of old Albanian traditions and the contemporary elements of a wedding. Because that example, the bride and her bridesmaids could start the ceremony wearingveshje e katunit, a classic Albanian outfit, and also then, later on on, change into modern-day wedding gowns.

Veshje e katunitis merged with ajelek,a vest made of 24-karat gold thread and also adorned v crystals. If there"s one thing about Albanians, it"s the they don"t perform things by fifty percent measures. That being said, what you spend on the dress and the reception can frequently be recouped in the gifts you get from family, friends, and community members.


More Love unit volume In Albanian

You space my soulTë kam shpirt
Would girlfriend marry me?Pranon të martohesh me mua?
You watch beautiful!Dukesh shumë e bukur!
hug mepërqafim mua
to feel sadtë ndjehen të trishtuar
I favor your smileMë pëlqen buzëqeshje tuaj
Love conquers allDashuria mposht të gjitha
drive you crazyju përzënë me crazy
You median the people to meJu perform të thotë në botë për mua
Your eyes space beautifulSytë e tu janë të bukur
I love it. What around you?Me pelqen. Po ju?
Roses space red; violets space blue; sugar is sweet, and also so space youRoses janë të kuqe; violets janë blu; sheqeri është ns ëmbël, dhe kështu jeni ju
My love, exactly how are you?Dashuria ime, si jen?

Love city In Albania

As a country with such a facility and sad history, there space some excellent instances of romance and also love poetry. The most well known isLahuta e Malcísor the highland lute. The was very first published in 1937 byGjergj Fishta.

It isn"t a love poem about a girl fairly a love letter to the Albanian country itself. Indigenous its length, 17000 verses, we deserve to presumeGjergj Fishtareally loved Albania.

The interpreted poem opens with:

The Bandits, help me God as you once helped me, five hundred year are currently behind us, due to the fact that Albania, the fair to be taken.


The look Of Love, Ling, and also The Albanian Language

The engineers and also teachers at Ling recognize that you cannot just focus on basic vocabulary to discover Albanian phrases. You should drill deeper. If you learn Albanian v us, three separate units deal with love and also romance, not forgetting the chatbot function, which permits you to practice totally free talk through our AI algorithm.

Luckily Albanian has the same alphabet as the most usual European languages, so girlfriend don"t should practice your writing, but when it comes to learning Lao, because that example, we have actually writing practice in the app, which permits you to gain used to the brand-new script.

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The human being is opening earlier up. So don"t it is in caught short when you meet the nicest Albanian girl in Tirana top top the dancefloor the the city"s coolest nightclub. We have actually blogs on straightforward Albanian phrases choose please ju lutem, and How cool Osa Mirë, as well together verb forms like to come down të zbresë

Unë e dua Ling. Us hope that you will come over, authorize up, and join our Albanian community today. That is the perfect antidote because that loneliness.