If you’re discovering Spanish, you deserve to use your expertise of the language to display your grandmother how much girlfriend love her. For that reason, in this article, we compiled a perform of different words that speakers use to say ‘grandma’ in Spanish. 

All of these words space perfect come use through your grandmother, however depending ~ above the country, some of these nicknames might be more popular than others. So in stimulate to assist you select a pretty nickname for her grandma, this words come through their descriptions. 

By the end of this article, you’ll have more options come say ‘grandma’ in Spanish.

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1. Abuela – Grandmother

Abuela is the most standard way to to speak ‘grandmother’ in Spanish. Depending upon the context and also the sentence, this word can be translated either as grandmother or granma. ‘Abuela’ have the right to be offered either to refer to your granny or to attend to her directly. 

¡Abuela! ¿Estás en casa? Grandma, space you home?

Ve a ver cómo está tu abuelaGo see just how your grandmother is doing

Oye, Fernanda, ¿cómo está tu abuela?Hey, Fernanda, just how is her grandmother?

¿Quiere que le ayude en algo, abuela?Do you desire me to help you with something, grandma?

2. Abue – Grandma / Granny

As a quick version that ‘abuela’, abue is among the most popular nicknames that Spanish speakers use to to speak ‘grandmother’. This word is the direct translation of ‘grandma’ or ‘granny’. On peak of being offered as a nickname, people can likewise use ‘abue’ to refer to one more person’s grandmother. But since it’s a really affectionate word, we only use the if we’re close come this person.

Qué rica está la comida, abueThe food is delicious, granny

Mañana voy a ir a visitar a mi abueTomorrow, I’ll walk to visit mine grandma

Mi amor, ¿cómo ha estado tu abue?Sweetie, how has actually your grandma been?

Abue, ¿quiere que saque a pasear al perro?Granny, do you desire me come walk the dog?

Take Note: Abue is not exclusively used for ‘grandmother’. In fact, it’s additionally a short and also affectionate variation of ‘abuelo’ and ‘abuelos’. So nothing be surprised if you hear that in one of two people of this contexts.

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3. Abuelita – Grandma

Abuelita is the diminutive kind of ‘abuela’ and, as a result, it’s a an extremely affectionate way to speak ‘grandmother’ in Spanish. As with other words, ‘abuelita’ deserve to be offered to attend to your grandma or to talk about her through others. 

Ismael vive con su abuelitaIsmael lives with his grandma 

Deja le llevo estas cosas a mi abuelita Let me take these things to mine grandma 

Buenos días, abuelita, ¿cómo durmió?Good morning, grandma, how did friend sleep?

¿Vas con tu abuelita? Espérame, le voy a mandar comidaAre friend going to her grandma’s? Wait, ns going come send her food

Take Note: In Spanish, abuelita can likewise be supplied to refer or come talk through affection and respect to an old woman that is no your grandmother. 

Hay una abuelita en el parque que vende unos pasteles muy ricosThere’s a grandma in the park the sells delicious cakes 

4. Mami / Mamá – Mommy / Mom

In Latin American countries, mami and mom are a well-known nickname because that grandmothers. This term is an extremely affectionate because it offers your granny the location of ‘mom’. Together a result, it means that we have actually a deep love and also respect because that our grandmother as with we execute for ours moms. 

¿Vamos a ir a ver a mi mami el domingo?Are we going come go check out my mommy on Saturday?

Even despite you can use ‘mami’ together a single word to speak to your grandmother, Latin American speakers usage the following structure to distinguish in between their moms and also their grandmothers. 

Mami/Mamá +  

Dále un besito a tu mami GraciaGive your mommy Gracia a kiss

Hola, mamá Laura, ¿cómo ha estado?Hi, mom Laura, how have actually you been?

Mi mami Ana nos invitó a comer el domingoMy mommy Ana invited united state to lunch on Sunday

Take Note: Using ‘mami’ together a way to say ‘grandma’ is very cute and also affectionate. However, part moms may get jealous and also not like it (after every you only have one mom). As a result, making use of this nickname will count on the family’s preferences. 

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5. Abu – Granny / Grandma 


Abu is the shortest version of the Spanish indigenous ‘abuela’. Therefore, it’s additionally used as a nickname because that ‘grandmother’. As with other words native this list, using ‘abu’ counts on the individual’s an individual preferences. ‘Abu’ could be interpreted either as ‘granny’ or ‘grandma’. 

Abu, mi mamá dare mandó estoGrandma, my mom sent girlfriend this

¿Dónde le dejo su bolsa, abu?Where must I leave her bag, grandma?

¿Cómo está tu abu? Hace mucho que no la veoHow is her granny? i haven’t watched her in a while

6. Nana – Nana

Nana is a Spanish translation because that ‘granny’. Also though ‘nana’ is likewise used together a means to speak grandma in Spanish, it’s not as famous as other terms from this list. In fact, this word’s popularity may vary relying on the Spanish speaking country and on the person’s preference. 

A mi nana le gusta tejarMy nana likes to knit

Hijo, tu nana te mando un beso y un abrazoSon, your nana send you a kiss and also hug 

No puedo ir hoy, le dije a mi nana que iría a ayudarleI can’t walk today, i told my nana that I would certainly go assist her

Take Note: Nana is the Spanish word because that ‘babysitter’. Together a result, this word might not it is in as frequently used to attend to a grandmother.

7. Lita – Granny / Grandma

Lita is one of the short versions of ‘abuelita’. It actually comes from little children having issues pronouncing ‘abuelita’. However, this nickname is also quite popular among grown-ups too. Since this word deserve to be considered a small bit cutesy, using it will rely on your preferences. 

Mamá, ¿vas a ir con la lita?Mom, are you going come grandma’s?

La lita nos mandó este frasco de mermeladaGranny sent united state this seasoned of jam 

Lita, voy al supermercado, ¿necesita algo?Granny, I’m going come the supermarket, perform you need anything?

8. Tita – Grandma

In some Spanish speak countries, tita is one affectionate indigenous to speak to your grandmother. This definition cannot be used in Spain wherein ‘tita’ is offered to to speak ‘aunt’. 

Tita, te trajimos estas floresGrandma, we lugged you these flowers 

¿Sabes dónde están los lentes de la tita?Do you understand where grandma’s glasses are?

Dile a tu tita que la busca una señoraTell her grandma that a lady is in search of her

Hijo, tu tita dijo que dejaste tus juguetes en su casaSon, your grandma said the you left your toys in her house

9. Yaya – Nana / Grandma

In both Latin American countries and also Spain, yaya is one more Spanish indigenous that have the right to be supplied to refer to your grandmother. This affectionate nickname have the right to be analyzed as ‘nana’ or ‘grandma’. 

Gracias por la cena, yayaThank you because that dinner, nana

Yaya, si quieres ir al doctor, yo dare puedo llevarGrandma, if you desire to go to the doctor, I can take you

Oigan, mañana es el cumpleaños de la yaya, ¿tienen su regalo listo?Hey, friend guys, tomorrow is grandma’s birthday, perform you have her existing ready?

Wrapping Up

In this article, us compiled some of the most common words that you deserve to use to say ‘grandma’ in Spanish. Although most of this words are applicable to all Spanish speaking countries, there space a couple of of them the won’t have the same meaning.