The commonwealth is filled through junk, however these items room not useless. What is over there to know about scrapping junk in fallout 4?

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Fallout 4
Seeing that Fallout 4 takes location in the aftermath of a nuclear war, you have the right to expect to encounter plenty of items that offered to it is in useful prior to the war but are just junk now. There is junk in every nook and cranny that The Commonwealth. While these items can't be equipped or consumed, they deserve to be dropped, marketed to vendors, or simply scrapped.

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This video game has survival elements, so you'll desire to hoard every small thing friend find. The dusty and also old teddy bear? take it. Perhaps your boy will choose it. However, together you development through the game, weapons, food, and junk begin to pill up, acquisition up precious inventory space. For this reason what to perform you then? Head to the nearest settlement and also start scrapping it!

Updated July 10, 2021 by Anastasia Maillot: fallout 4's settlement building and scavenging mechanics are quickly the most unique part of the whole game. It's the one facet of autumn 4 the sets it apart from various other open-world RPG games, and also really offers it that post-apocalyptic nuclear wasteland vibe.

However, scrapping junk and using the to construct settlements or crafting brand-new things at weapon, armor and chem workstations have the right to be quite intimidating. There's so lot in the game to gather and craft that it's tough to know what to do, yet these tips will provide you a headstart.


Fallout 4 Deathclaw
as soon as you collection junk, it's not simply random items, weapons and also armor that can be scrapped. A the majority of the bad consumable items you discover during your journey have the right to be provided for a variety of make recipes as well, such as dirty water or the meat of miscellaneous wasteland beasts.

The just thing you should know is that when you carry out store these consumables inside the workstation of a settlement, there's a possibility your settlers will end up spend them. If girlfriend have specifically valuable consumables prefer Deathclaw meat, it's far better to keep it in a trunk.

Fallout 4 steel Can
Junk can be uncovered absolutely everywhere in the Commonwealth. No issue where friend go, you'll most most likely run into random pre-war items that can be used for other new. Some items will certainly yield a the majority of materials, but they might be heavy to take along with you, unless you have a companion.

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together such, prioritize items that space low in weight but have a relatively high yield. One good example is a believe can, which have the right to yield friend a decent amount of aluminium, which subsequently is a versatile product used in a bunch of various builds.

Fallout 4 Chemistry Workstation
if a most items acquire value from gift scrapped, some items are required in crafting recipes together they are. This is specifically the case for any ingredients provided for chems at the chemistry station. If you're right into making chems indigenous scratch, it's precious being careful with her junk.

many items such as cleaning products and some loot from wasteland monster for example are typically found in chem recipes, therefore make certain to check in development what you deserve to use when crafting at your chem station before going ham with scrapping.

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Fallout 4 Settlers
It might be tempting because that you to to fill up your settlements workbench with a hill of junk so you'll never need to worry around items again, yet this isn't in reality ideal. Settlers who space unemployed will certainly actually create one piece of junk per day into your workstation.

also better, if you have a scavenging station with settlers assigned come it, you'll generate even much more junk thanks to her settlers. So, in conclusion, constantly make sure there's a little bit of extra an are in your workstation so that your unemployed settlers or scavengers are actually obtaining value.

most of the items you find the commonwealth can it is in scrapped in ~ workbenches or through throwing them on the ground at a settlement and scrapping castle manually, however it's actually a negative idea to carry out this. Once you find armor and weapons the you're merely not a pan of, you deserve to scrap them for junk as well, as soon as you're certain they have no mods the you're interested in keeping.

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Make certain to execute this at the appropriate workstation, however. For weapons, use weapons workbenches, and also for armor use armor workbenches. This ensure you get the most yield indigenous scrapping your weapons at the finish of the day. What girlfriend can't scrap you can sell come a vendor.

10 Junk Is Useful

when playing, you'll have a limited amount of materials you can carry around when exploring and also searching because that loot in autumn 4's world. Sure, increasing a character's strength increases their load capacity, and that will certainly let you move about with much more items, yet getting rid of part stuff could do the cheat if that isn't one option.

However, instead of simply taking whatever out that the inventory and also deleting it, simply scrap junk instead. Why? When junk is scrapped, a new component is derived that can then be supplied to build stuff because that a settlement or develop mods because that weapons and armor.

together the sole survivor, you'll come across three types of scrappable junk: negotiation junk, weapons and also armor, and also wasteland junk.

uncovered in the different settlements easily accessible in the gam, settlement junk is emphasize yellow in the workshop menu. Relocating on, weapons and also armor have the right to be looted from dead opponents or discovered lying around in the world. Once a details level is reached, you can get great use out of low-level gear and also weapons by scrapping them. Finally, wasteland junk is every little thing else uncovered in the wasteland. Indigenous a cigarette package come a microscope, anything have the right to be scrapped under for pieces.

8 wherein To Scrap Junk

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come scrap wasteland junk, head over to her nearest settlement and look for a workshop. As soon as there, choose the "store every junk" option, and also the items will be instantly stored far from the inventory. This way, the next time you want to construct something, simply launch the develop menu and start building; the workshop will certainly make sure to put any junk to use.

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for armor or weapons, the procedure is slightly different as you have to go come the tools workbench and also find the items you desire to scrap in a list. When you find the item, just press the "scrap" button. Finally, for negotiation junk, open up the workshop menu and select an item in the settlement; you'll an alert which ones have the right to only be scrapped as they will certainly be highlighted yellow.

as soon as picking up wasteland junk, the game will tell friend which contents you will get from claimed item. However, once scrapping various other items (like weapons mods, revolution objects, or armor mods), just a portion of the materials that were supplied to craft the item in the an initial place will be received.

This is the tricky part. The varieties and amounts of components players received when scrapping these last items will be established by rarity and scrap scalar. Rarity has four values (common, uncommon, rare, and also zero yields). The rarer the component, the higher scrapper rank is required to achieve it.