You simply received your brand-new Astro A40/A50 gaming headset. Prior to you can use it, you'll have to set it increase first. To make the setup easy, I've developed a step-by-step arrangement for every platform: PC, PS4, and also Xbox One.

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What perform you need?

A PS4.The base station/AMP (charging dock).The micro USB cable.The TOSLINK optic cable.A40/A50 headset (note: the headset needs to be fully charged before the first use).

connect the base terminal to the power grid.Line increase the microphone v the microphone slot (the microphone have to be urgent in) and also place the headset in the base station.The LED indicator will revolve orange as soon as the headset is charging. If it"s not, ar the headset in the base station again.When the charging condition is presented on the base station, they"re effectively paired.The headset is completely charged as soon as all 4 battery condition lights space on.

collection the base terminal to PS4 mode. You have the right to do this with the slider on the back.Connect the base terminal to the PS4 via the had micro USB cable and also optical cable.

walk to settings on the PS4.Go to Sound and Screen and also then to Audio output Settings.Select main Output placed and readjust it to Digital out (Optical).Choose Dolby Digital 5.1 Ch together input size and also click OK. You"ll return to the Audio calculation Settings.Go to Audio layout (Priority) and readjust it to Bitstream (Dolby).

go to setups on the PS4.Go come Devices and choose Audio Devices.Change the input an equipment and output an equipment to USB Headset (ASTRO Wireless Transmitter).Choose calculation to Headphones and change it to chat Audio.

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