Table the contents: speak from the diaphragm throughout presentation | exercises you have the right to practice | benefits | Breath-holding and Anxiety 

If you’ve ever had to give a presentation, then you know exactly how nerve-wracking that have the right to be. Having to speak in prior of a big group the people—even if it’s something you knowledgeable about—can produce a most anxiety.

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If you’re emotion anxious, then the can influence the quality of your presentation.

It could make friend seem favor you lack confidence, which way those attending her speech will be much less inclined to take anything away from your presentation.

Even everyday interaction can be influenced by the means that friend speak. The best means to develop confidence and encourage people to believe your indigenous is to learn how to speak from the diaphragm.

If did you do it looked into how to provide a compelling decided before, then you may have heard the indigenous “speak from your diaphragm” thrown approximately before.

But how do you execute that? and what precisely is your diaphragm, anyway?

Your diaphragm is a thin muscle that is located underneath her lungs and heart. This muscle is what helps your lungs inflate and contract together you breathe.


When civilization tell you come speak with your diaphragm, they mean breathing deeply as you speak and feeling your diaphragm and lungs expand and contract. when you carry out this, her voice will be louder, clearer, and also much an ext confident and also compelling when you speak.

Knowing what her diaphragm does is one thing, however learning come speak from the is another. Numerous of us room holding breath there is no realizing it once we speak, which makes our voices sound softer and also weaker.

To learn exactly how to speak native the diaphragm, try these 2 exercises. 

As you do them, remember that exercise makes perfect. If friend want everything that you find out from this exercises come stick, try to do them frequently as you prepare for your presentation. As soon as or twice a work is ideal.

The very first is to lie on the floor on your back. It might be advantageous to place a light publication or crate on her stomach therefore you can see the motion better. Then start breathing.

Pay attention to where you see your breath. If you’re just seeing your chest rise and also fall, climate you should be breathing deeper. Try to breath in v your belly and also watch your stomach rise and also fall. This way that you’re breath from her diaphragm. Obtain used to the sensation, and shot to replicate it sitting or stand up.

The other exercise girlfriend can shot doing is yawning. As soon as you yawn, you sucking in a many air into your lungs. Shot to yawning slowly, and also really feel her lungs, diaphragm, and belly increase as girlfriend do.


Speaking from the diaphragm when you’re providing a speech or presentation allows you to be heard more clearly by those you’re speak to. Yet the people you’re speaking to no the just ones to reap the benefits.

Public speak is a major fear for a huge section of the population. Unfortunately, periodically the require to provide presentations in prior of large groups of civilization arises, and there’s no other means to acquire out of it.

Speaking from her diaphragm way that you’re breath deeply. And also deep breathing has actually a range of pros, including decreasing the amount of anxiety you feel. 

So, also if you do feel worried before and also during your presentation, practicing deep breathing directly from your diaphragm will assist ease that tension and allow you come appear and feel much an ext confident as you speak.

In the same method that practicing deep breathing enables you to feeling calmer and much more confident, holding her breath go the reverse and also might do you feel an ext anxious and stressed. 

Holding breath there is no realizing that is a really common issue, especially among those who should speak publicly. It’s usually associated with feeling of stress, since holding air in so the you can sigh is a natural means to relieve tension. 

But sighing no going come be useful if you’re providing a presentation. It is why it’s essential to exercise breathing from your diaphragm to store your voice loud, clear, and also prevent your body’s unhelpful reaction to anxiety in the an initial place.


When you host your breath, you are tightening and also tensing a many muscles in your body. Shot holding her breath appropriate now and also see because that yourself. 

You’ll most likely feel the stress and anxiety in your abdomen, shoulders, and even her neck.  

These space the same locations that you carry tension when you’re feeling stressed or anxious. So, if you holding breath without realizing it, your body reads that tension as a authorize that there’s factor to be anxious.  

Learning exactly how to breathe properly from her diaphragm will aid you breath regularly and prevent friend from holding your breath also subconsciously.

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There room a few things you have the right to try to avoid yourself indigenous holding her breath. Through both of this techniques, remember to practice them regularly to save your breath in tip-top shape. 

The an initial thing you can shot is practicing mindfulness breathing. Mindfulness way being aware of what’s happening v your human body without any type of judgment. Begin by gaining into a comfortable position and breathing slow. Keep your awareness on the sensation of exactly how it feels come breathe. 

Try to collection about 5 or ten minutes aside every work to practice mindful breathing. This will train your body to breathe regularly and also prevent you from holding your breath. 

The other technique to try is to breathe with your mouth. When you breathe with your mouth, you have the right to actually hear her breath, which keeps you aware and also prevents friend from hold breath without realizing and tensing her body.