A world hopper plugin has actually been added to lull hopping. You deserve to use the keycombination ctrl+shift+left/right, or appropriate click a girlfriend or clanmates surname ingame and click Hop-to. There is additionally a plugin panel with the worlds listed whichcan be twin clicked.


A WASD camera plugin was included which allows you use the WASD secrets (or, any type of otherkeys) instead of the arrow keys to manage the camera.

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The is off by default andneeds come be permitted in the configuration panel. You should press get in to chatwhen the plugin is enabled.

There are likewise several smaller renovations and bug fixes, including:

Fix puzzle crate solver mirroring solution arrowsFix player indicators plugin coloring whole menu alternative of other playersAdd Wintertodt to Discord plugin activityAdd Woodcutting guild to Discord plugin activityFix SDMM common spellbook freeze timersFix old freeze timers resetting on each animationFix Grotesque Guardian booty trackerFix seaweed patch times in the timer pluginFix Chambers the Xeric plugin to not add multiple timers


- Adam

New commits

Adam (9): mixins: simplify acquiring customer thread reference people service: separation controller from organization and include cache people controller: settle caching, relocate to scheduled method runescape-api: GameEngine doesn"t prolong KeyFocusListener timers plugin: don"t reset frozen timers each computer animation Revert "player indications plugin: usage ColorUtil functions" add world load occasion cache: settle outputstream writeString to not create unicode strings incubadoradeartistas.com-client: add wasd camera pluginHeikki Jetsonen (2): DiscordPlugin: include wintertodt task Cluescrolls: added fairy ring come Kalphite Lair enntrance gate clueJordan Atwood (2): time tracking plugin: settle timers header color timers plugin: solve SDMM normal spellbook freezesKamiel (1): upgrade npc_health.jsonLotto (12): incubadoradeartistas.com-api: include world switcher widget details mixins: include world hopping mixin incubadoradeartistas.com-api: reveal ChatPlayer.world incubadoradeartistas.com-api: do ClanMember prolong ChatPlayer incubadoradeartistas.com-api: add total level api incubadoradeartistas.com-client: include world hopper plugin runescape-api: include Protect annotation clues: enable any imbued crystal bow because that emote clue clues: add fairy ring come sinclair mansion clue solution fpsindicator: resolve overlay disappearing once using extended fixed mode fpsindicator: fix overlay being reduced off exterior the canvas fpsindicator: eliminate caching of fps stringsMagic fTail (2): deal with Grotesque Guardian loot tracker Actually include special instance for Grotesque GuardiansMax Weber (2): do the 2nd argument of SpriteManager::getSprite work incubadoradeartistas.com-client: Don"t consume keyReleased eventsSean Dewar (1): fix Entangle timer summary typoSoyChai (1): UI: add a clear switch (×) to IconTextField (#3451)SquirrelHub (2): DiscordPlugin: add Woodcutting Guild to tasks (#4813) include Lumber yard Fence to Agility Plugin (#4878)Tomas Slusny (2): Fix including of raid timer multiple time in Raids settle FlatTextField unsafe swing accesspsikoi (1): settle exp tracker UI margin incosistencytakuyakanbr (2): time tracking: include empty instance to summary tab time tracking: settle detection that state because that seaweed patches