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Right now, the last point on your mind is making certain your swamp cooler is functioning properly. That cold, so you’re more worried about heating your home. However, following summer as soon as you rotate your swamp cooler on, you will do it be praying cold air come out.

There will always come a time when your swamp (or evaporative) cooler division down. However, prepping her swamp cooler for winter appropriate now, even though it"s cold outside, can help your unit work-related longer, and much more efficiently. Among the most typical problems we watch as a house warranty company is a absence of maintain that causes major breakdowns. Winterizing your swamp cooler deserve to save you thousands of dollars in repairs and also replacements (that a residence warranty might not cover).

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Why Winterize your Swamp Cooler?

If girlfriend think ago to 7thgrade science class, you most likely remember what happens once you leaving water standing for a long period of time: mold and also mildew can flourish quickly. Water and metal together can also an outcome in rust and also corrosion. (As a home warranty company, we check out a lot of corrosion bring about evaporative cooler failures.) include freezing temperatures, (water increases when it freezes) and you can gain flooding from damaged pipes. Three main difficulties occur whenyou don’t winterize your evaporative cooler:

Mold and Mildew GrowthRust and also CorrosionBroken Water Pipes and Leaks

Winterizing her swamp cooler is imperative if you desire to make sure your home warranty covers any kind of repairs and also replacements for her unit. Friend must keep your systems and appliances as per the manufacturer’s recommendations for your home warranty to provide coverage.

How come Winterize her Evaporative Cooler

Winterizing your swamp cooler doesn’t have to take a lengthy time. In fact, it can take as little as an hour come do. As a home warranty company, we constantly recommend following the user’s hands-on for your an individual unit. However, below are the an easy steps:

1. Revolve Power Off


First, turn the strength supply turn off on her unit. Girlfriend don’t desire the swamp cooler to power on if you’re draining and also cleaning that out. This likewise prevents the evaporative cooler native powering on coincidentally in the winter months. Just remember to revolve the power ago on when you begin the cooler increase in the spring!

2. Turn Water it is provided Valve Off

In order to keep the pads within of the unit wet, the cooler demands a water it is provided valve to bring water right into the unit. This water supply need to be turn off until the spring. After transforming the water supply valve off, the water tap connecting the valve and air conditioner should additionally be dried out. Girlfriend can get rid ofresidual water relaxing inside of the tube by blowing right into one end.Store the water tap in a safe, dry place. If you nothing dry out the hose, the water inside can freeze and burst!

3. Drainpipe the Swamp Cooler


Get rid of the standing water within of the cooler. You can either perform this by opened up thedrain in the bottom of the swamp coolerwith a pair that pliers or a wrench, or through bailing the end the water using a tiny container. After ~ you’ve gained most of the water out, soak increase the rest using sponges or rags. This will protect against rust or corrosion – other not extended in residence warranties.

4. Clean the Evaporative Cooler


You deserve to use a shop-vac to remove the residual minerals inside of the unit, or clean them out through a sponge and also white vinegar. If you have disposable pads and they have to be replaced, you can either replace them now, or wait until spring. It’s your preference. If you havereusable high-efficiency pads, you need to dry them outand brush castle off before covering the unit up because that the winter.

You deserve to alsosoak the pump and also float in vinegarovernight if you want to clean them from mineral deposit build-up.

5. Cover the Unit


After every little thing inside that the cooler is clean and dry, covering it v a swamp cooler cover. You need to measure her unit before purchasing one, together they must be strictly fit. Make certain to tie the ends so the sheathe doesn"t fly off in a winter storm.

6. Sheathe vent coming into the home

Make sure you no losing warmth out of your ductwork by closing the vent, and placing a damper between the vent and also the ductwork.

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Don"t have a swamp cooler? You have the right to learn how to winterize her forced-air HVAC unit here.

If you have a house warranty and maintain your swamp cooler, you have to see a good 15 to two decades out of it. After her swamp cooler has reached its lifespan, and fails from regular wear and tear, you can count ~ above your home warranty to fix or change the unit because that a little service call fee.