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Title pretty lot sums it up. Dunno if I"m in the appropriate forum.In the playlist, you have the right to zoom vertically v the mouse, by stop Alt and also scrolling the wheel.While in piano roll, this command controls the occasion editor (note velocity etc), i beg your pardon is kinda confusing. Anyone understand the zoom commands?
If friend look in the peak right hand corner, you will view this.If you organize the computer mouse over that tiny square directly beneath the X which closes the window, the cursor will readjust to this form ----> IYou deserve to then click and also drag this up or down to zoom in / the end vertically. I doubt many world here use FL. I do, however im one anomaly
You"d get much much better help v FL ~ above their committed forum in ~ the imageline site


i don"t recognize if this is valuable but i use the number tricks ( top of keyboard, no numbers top top the ideal side).. 1,2 and 3 are three collection levels the zooming out, 4 and also 5 zoom in, 5 will fit your selection. The is the method i do this, till fl sort out the chaos of non-intuitive shortcuts etc.
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