In addition to being among the most gifted American writers ever to grace the keys of a typewriter, Hunter S. Thompson to be an enthusiast. He to be a drug enthusiast, a pistol enthusiast, and an enthusiast because that the wild and weird in his 67 years on Earth, and every one of that is most likely in pat here. (The drug component is unconfirmed, but let"s be honest with ourselves.) right here he is at Owl Farm, his residential or commercial property in Woody Creek, Colorado, apparently involved in a shootout v his neighbor over a breed boy dispute:

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After ribbing the male for making use of bird shot, he explains that "this child of a bitch desires to bitch around his cows over here," prior to firing in between some trees off right into the distance. He also offers part views on the state that American democracy, explaining that the nation belongs "to us," not to "used-car salesmen from southern California." True enough.

"In democracy," he says, together the video concludes, "you need to be a player."

This is actually one of a few videos come surface recently of HST"s antics at his Colorado manse. Right here he is carrying out an yearly tradition: throwing his Christmas tree in the fireplace in ~ the end of the holiday season, soaking that in lighter fluid, and setting fire come it.

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