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"Can"t continue to be Away indigenous You" is the title of a 1988 solitary by singer Gloria Estefan, attributed to Estefan and her former band, the Miami Sound Machine. The track was the third single released from their multi-platinum album, Let it Loose. It ended up being Estefan"s (and her band"s) fifth Top 10 fight in the joined States, peaking in ~ #6 top top the Billboard hot 100 chart; it was their second #1 fight on the adult contemporary chart, following 1986"s "Words get in the Way". The song initially peaked at #88 top top the UK Singles graph in may 1988, however the track was re-released ~ the success of its follow-up, "Anything because that You", peaking at #7 in march 1989. The track is a pensive ballad sung from the perspective of a woman who is in love through someone who doesn"t feeling the same, however she is unwilling to walk far from their relationship since she does not desire it to end. The European solitary contains as a bonus reduced a remixed variation of "Surrender", one album cut from "Let it Loose", i m sorry Estefan carry out on "Solid Gold".more »

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"Time flies once you"re having actually fun"I heard someone sayBut if every I"ve to be is funny then baby let me goDon"t wanna it is in in your wayAnd ns don"t wanna it is in your 2nd choiceDon"t wanna be simply your friendYou store telling me the you"re not in loveYou wanna throw it every awayBut i can"t remain away from youI don"t wanna let friend goAnd though it"s killing me, that"s trueThere"s just some things I can"t controlYour love is slipping v my handsAnd though I"ve heard it every beforeI recognize you"re telling me the truthI understand it"s simply no useBut i can"t stay away native youHold on come every little bit of expect that"s all I ever before doHoping you could changeYour mind and also call me upTo say exactly how much you need me tooAnd though you"re leaving me no other choiceThan to turn and walk awayLook over her shoulder, I"ll it is in thereYou have the right to count on me to stay"Cause i can"t stay away indigenous youI don"t wanna let you goAnd despite it"s death me, that"s trueThere"s simply some things I can"t controlYour love slipping v my handsAnd though I"ve heard it every beforeI know you"re informing me the truthI understand it"s simply no useBut ns can"t continue to be away indigenous youI understand you"re informing me the truthI know it"s simply no useBut ns can"t remain away from you

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Gloria Estefan Gloria María Milagrosa Fajardo García de Estefan, well-known professionally together Gloria Estefan (born September 1, 1957) is a Cuban-born American singer, songwriter, actress and entrepreneur. Recognized as the "Queen of Latin Pop", she is in the top 100 best selling music artists v over 100 million albums marketed worldwide, 31.5 million of those in the United states alone. She has won 3 Grammy Awards and four Latin Grammys, and is the many successful crossover show in Latin music to date. Much more »