How the storage of medicine addiction prompted the Chili Peppers frontman incubadoradeartistas.comme write among the band's most iincubadoradeartistas.comnic classics.

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Red warm Chili Peppers released their ground-breaking fifth studio album Blood, Sex, Sugar, Magik top top 24 September 1991.

The document saw the band break into the mainstream with singles in the likes that Give it Away, Suck my Kiss, and also their mournful ballad Under the Bridge. Watch the Gus valve Sant-directed video above.

The eleventh monitor on the album caught the hearts of many, through John Frusciante's famous riffs merged with Anthony Kiedis' heartbreaking lyrics.

But why has actually it ongoing to stand the test of time?

Find out why it's among the band's many enduring tracks and also arguably Kiedis' most honest song...

Anthony Kiedis in Red warm Chili Peppers' Under The leg video. Picture: YouTube/Red warm Chili Peppers

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Drugs have had actually a hugely an unfavorable impact on the California punk rockers over the years, with the band losing their initial member Hillel Slovak to a heroin overdose in 1988.

Red hot Chili Peppers in Washington, 1988: Flea, Anthony Kiedis, Hillel Slovak and also Jack Irons. Picture: Joe Dilworth/Photoshot/Getty Images

Three years adhering to the death of Hillel (after appointing John Frusciante as their new guitarist and also releasing your Mother's Milk LP) the band set about creating their fifth studio album, Blood sugar Sex Magik.

Anthony Kiedis was clean throughout this duration of time, and began to feel isolated indigenous his bandmates - specifically Flea and Frusciante, who still acting marijuana together.

Driving residence from rehearsals one night he started singing to himself about his feeling of loneliness, and also reflected on how drugs had actually negatively influenced his relationships v loved ones- incubadoradeartistas.comnsisting of his former girlfriend Ione Sky.

As he documents in his Scar organization memoir, producer rick Rubin offered to speak to him to inspect up top top him and also review his material.

When looking with his incubadoradeartistas.commposing he found a city entitled Under The Bridge and also - instantly touch by their lyrics - Rubin implored Kiedis to display them to the remainder of his band.

Kiedis was reluctant, reasoning the tune too gentle because that the Chili Peppers- who still had actually a very energetic, funk-based sound.

But, after to sing the text to Frusciante and also drummer Chad Smith, the frontman recalls that they simply: "got up and also walked end to their instruments and started finding the beat and guitar chords to enhance it".

"I don't ever before want incubadoradeartistas.comme feel/ choose I did that day/ take me to the place I love/ take it me every the way"

Anthony Kiedis that Red warm Chili Peppers approximately the time of the band's Bloog street Sex Magik album. Picture: JA Barratt/Photoshot/Getty Images

Speaking around his famed final verse which literally describes the bleak process of sincubadoradeartistas.comring and injecting heroin, Kiedis explains: "What the was referring to to be a point in time about five years ago when I had actually nothing in mine life, no friends or no places to live, no auto or partnership with my family.

"All I had was this incubadoradeartistas.comnnection of mine called Mario. He was a mexican mafia ex-incubadoradeartistas.comnvict and also he and also I would certainly stroll the roadways of downtown (L.A) looking for our next sincubadoradeartistas.comre. And one specific afternoon that was really hot in the center of summer and also I'd to be up because that days, and he and also I had disincubadoradeartistas.comvered what us were spring for and we visited this bridge that was downtown in the middle of Los Angeles in this ghetto."

"And there to be a freeway bridge, and also there to be this small passage means that you had to go through, and only certain members the this gang who were all ex-incubadoradeartistas.comnvicts were enabled to go there, and the factor they permit me in is due to the fact that this male Mario stated I to be going out with his sister, which was a lie just so we might go in there..."

He adds: "And that incubadoradeartistas.comnstantly sticks in my mind as a low point in my life."

While at his lowest point, Kiedis does find some salvation in the chorus, pledging not to feel like he did the day.

While some might think the ar he loves is the high that a heroin hit, Kiedis revealed in the same interview: "The location I love is whereby I to be now".

The frontman never ever revealed the specific whereabouts that the titular bridge, yet many have actually tried to use hints in his interviews and also his autobiography to unincubadoradeartistas.comver it, with Vulture citing a small tunnel underneath Wilshire Boulevard in MacArthur Park as its possible location in 2012.

Sadly, that wasn't to it is in the last time the group was marred by medicine use.

Kiedis was set to relapse, while man Frusciante's well-documented struggle with addiction would certainly hit one all-time low as soon as he left the band for the an initial time in 1992.

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Although Under The leg is a song about both the isolation of addiction and reincubadoradeartistas.comvery, that manages to be both gentle and also triumphant, while remaining among the band's most-loved hits.