How to Make a Jeannie Costume

1Bra, top, pinkFor her genie inspired look, Jeannie wears a pink bra top on her upper half under her vest.

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2Vest, redMost of Jeannie’s outfit is a combination of red and pink. The red vest goes over her pink bra top to make her outfit a little bit more modest and add more color.
3Harem, pants, pinkFor this Jeannie inspired costume, these chiffon pink harem pants do a good job at giving you the same look Jeannie’s pants give her.
4Sash, redTie this red sash around your hips to add more red to the costume and to help gives you more genie vibes.
5Wig, blonde, veilThis hair and hat headpiece is in a bright pink color that match the pants and bra top and is exactly what Jeannie herself wears.
6Heels, pinkJeannie wears cute pink kitten heels to give her genie outfit a little bit more of a modern twist, modern in the 70s at least.
7Jeannie, bottleBecause she herself is a genie, Jeannie keeps this bottle around her since it is where she lives in unless she is summoned.

Jeannie is every inch the cute pink-covered genie girl from the 70s. I Dream of Jeannie is a sitcom made in the late 60s and early 70s, so the costumes from the show can be quite cheesy at times, but in an endearing way. This goes for Jeannie’s costume as well.

She is dressed in a pink bra top and pink harem pants, with a red vest and pink hair veil over the top of a little pink hat. A costume inspired by her look is a fun costume that is great for any kind of costume or Halloween party, and easy enough to put together yourself.

Jeannie Makeup/Hair Look Tutorial

To make your costume even better, check out this Jeannie makeup tutorial to make your costume even more glam.

About I Dream of Jeannie

I Dream of Jeannie is a classic and humorous American sitcom from back in the late 60s and early 70s of American television. It features Barbara Eden as Jeannie, a cute genie girl that is discovered by an astronaut who she eventually falls in love with and marries.


The Countess (American Horror Story) incubadoradeartistas.comhe Countess loves luxury and it shows with what she wears. Dress in ravishing reds and opulent silvers.

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