Race distinguish Unit, HREOC, October 2002


1.1 Websites1.2 computer system Games1.3 racist Music: Publication, Merchandising and Recruitment1.4 open Publishing Sites1.5 interactive Mediums: Emails, Chat-rooms and also Discussion-groups


This document examines the trouble of racism top top the net or "cyber-racism". That illustrates the species of web material that space of worry to racial equality and also human rights groups in this country and the global community. The internet addresses or name of the racist sites sampled room not consisted of so regarding avoid inadvertently publicising these groups. The hatchet "racial hatred" is offered in this file to describe communication that is unlawful under the Racial Discrimination plot 1975. <1> The hatchet "racial vilification" is supplied to represent racially offensive communication and actions that room prohibited under state or federal regulation in Australia. By contrast, state such as "racism" and also "racist material" do not indicate any assessment of the lawfulness or otherwise of the conduct. The state "racism" or "racist" are supplied to denote an attitude of racial superiority that might be taken into consideration offensive by many people, but which may nevertheless be lawful in Australia. <2>

The internet is significantly used by racist teams to disseminate racialism ideology, as well as to connect to, organise and mobilize members and raise finances with the sale of racist merchandise. Follow to several theorists, the nature that the internet makes it a specifically valuable tool for racist groups because:

Racist groups do not generally have access to the continuous mass media;Racist teams are frequently internationally organised and also the net is a worldwide communication system;Internet technology is conveniently used and easily accessible at short cost; and

There space various develops of racist task on the Internet. These incorporate websites, computer games, emails, chat-rooms, conversation groups and music merchandising. Recent evaluation suggests the these various forms of task play various roles in the propagation the racism. Website are typically static mediums the advertise racist ideology and refer people to other racist resources such as discussion groups. <4> much more interactive mediums, such together email, chat-rooms and discussion groups, produce the "sense the community" and interrelation <5> the is important to ideology system persuasion, member recruitment, and incitement come racist violence. Music and also computer game merchandising also plays critical role in propagating and also reinforcing racism ideology and also recruiting new members into racist groups, particularly for young people. <6> web page are therefore important devices for the dissemination of racism ideas. However emails, chat-rooms, discussion groups and game and music merchandising, every one of which have traditionally received less attention 보다 websites, should likewise be of issue to those wishing to attend to racism on the Internet.

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Examples from every of these various forms of racist activity are collection out below and also are taken, wherein possible, indigenous Australian developed content.

1.1 Websites

The very first website the a racist group was developed on the web in 1995. <7> While that is clear that there has actually been rise in the number of racist sites on the Internet, that is daunting to estimate exact numbers. The rapidly an altering nature of internet content provides such approximates difficult, as does the changing configuration the racist groups <8> and also the variation in the interpretations used. <9> estimates of the variety of racist websites have ranged indigenous 600 website or under <10> to more than 2,000 sites. <11>

In countless respects, the actual variety of sites is less essential than your impact. The material posted on such sites has actually the volume to pecking degrading notions of racial inferiority and cause offence, humiliation and social division. Websites can also facilitate recruitment into racist groups and also assist in financing their activities. For these reasons, the appearance of cyber-racism has prompted issue by the united Nations and also other racial equality organ in current years. <12>

Examples that text and also images from websites created by individuals or teams within Australia

The adhering to text and also images are taken native sites created by Australians, therefore they highlight the domestic relevance that the difficulty of cyber-racism. <13> In 2002 over there were approximately 25 Australian-created racist websites ~ above the Internet. <14> The examples below illustrate the contents of 6 of these.

Example 1:

"…it is a people run by the Zionist Jewish Influence and also Race Tainting Paedophiles that space only here to rape our heritage and destroy the qualities that make united state White civilization great…"

"We room rarely notified that the Aborigines to be a Cannibalistic peoples who were conserved from extinct by Captain Cook, as he brought some selection to your diet…"

"If we carry out not stand now and perform our god offered duty to save OUR country clean of all the Blacks, Jews and also Yellow scum indigenous Asia, WE are simply as negative as the enemy, if not worse. We room trading our race for the of an inferior kind of trash.


HAIL WODEN!! HEIL HITLER!! WHITE POWER!!"(Original emphasis)


Example 2:

"…look in ~ the bizarre type of transvestitism the (non Muslim) Arab ladies practice. No amount of "big hair", chop skirts, pancake makeup and electrolysis can conceal the fact that they room not attractive Women. They finish up looking choose cheap drag queens, a parody that Woman. Ns personally like a mrs with much less facial hair than myself! The Birka, or complete Arab headdress has much less to carry out with Muslim woman modesty 보다 it has to do v the embarrassment of the Muslim Arab male at his wife"s ugliness…. ."

"Arabs… have little or no understanding of personal hygiene commodities such as deodorant or even soap… nothing has ever before turned my stomach favor the fetid stench the unwashed wogs!"

"Every 2nd or third face is Asian and also their slitted almond eyes bore right through you. V the genetic window of their black color eyes you have the right to see the brutal and pitiless Mongol hordes from one more time and place lurking just listed below the surface. The is undoubtedly a slim veneer of "civilization" the holds this yellow monster within, however make no mistake, like the kraken of old it will certainly awake when the time is right."

This same site includes the following anti-Semitic image:



Example 3:

Despite claiming not to advocate violence against other races, one site has offensive images and cartoons that have the right to be downloaded, consisting of the following:



Example 4:

Several of this sites likewise have Guestbooks where visitors to the site can short article comments. The complying with is an example of one vilificatory posting:

"GET THE F*** the end OF our COUNTRYNIGGERS,SPICS,KIKES,SANDNIGGERS,ANDCHINKS room ALL theS*** that renders our country STINK…." (expletives edited)


Example 5:

Racial purity is likewise another principal issue of countless sites. For example, the complying with image have the right to be uncovered on one site:


This very same site promotes white supremacy and also is strongly opposed to immigration, as illustrated by the complying with publication:

…EASY procedures TO A better NATION



Example 6:

One page, entitled "Politically not correct Humour", consists of the following:

"Dictionary: Coon (c-oo-n) n. Nigger (nig-er) n. Abo (a-bb-o) n. Boong (b-OO-ng) n.An Australian anthropoid scrub ape that the primate family members Austropongidae (superfamily cercopithecoidea). Escaping indigenous Africa in prehistory, these wild creatures now roam freely, while destroying the economic and also social facilities of Australia and also various various other nations. This flamboyant sub-humans love come consume big quantities of greasy fried chicken, inhale petroleum gasoline and also listen to fellow apes "sing" rhymes over deaf beats. One can discover these lazy sub-humans infesting locations of the civilization called metropolitan slums."

"How execute you obtain a coon the end of a tree?Cut the rope."

"How do you make a dead coon float?Take her foot off its head and let it climb to the surface."

"What is the correct method to stare at a coon?Down a gun barrel."

"What"s the difference in between a Jew and a pizza?Pizzas don"t scream when you placed them in the oven."

It is essential to emphasise that these sites have actually been produced by civilization in Australia. The concern of whether these sites do, in fact, breach the Racial distinguish Act is correctly a matter of formal investigation and/or judicial determination.

There are, that course, many more racist website on the web that are created by individuals or groups from nations other 보다 Australia. In many cases the details on the sites developed outside the Australia is even much more extreme than that contained on sites developed locally. This is specifically the case for sites created in America, wherein the an initial Amendment protects freedom of decided to the level that gyeongju vilification is lawful. Furthermore, text and images native sites developed off-shore (and the racist ideological background that attends them) is frequently "copied" by countless local website creators. Sites developed off-shore space then a serious trouble for Australia, not just with respect come the extremity of your racist content, but likewise because of their direct effect in disseminating racialism ideology. Off-shore sites likewise present unique difficulties with respect come regulation i beg your pardon is a recurring problem for net regulators and also industry.

Recent evaluation suggests the websites act like "brochures" for racist ideology, and also as "portals" giving links to variety of merchandise or much more interactive forums such as discussion groups. <15> together a static, non-interactive medium, web page cannot market the type of interaction and interrelation the is necessary to social motion commitment and also mobilization. Consequently, it seems that web page are less directly crucial than originally thought in the recruitment the uninitiated world into extremist groups. <16> Nevertheless, the referral function of websites plays a specifically important indirect role in sustaining and propagating racist belief and, ultimately, in incitements to gyeongju violence. Furthermore, the does no diminish the offensiveness nor, potentially, the unlawful nature, that the concepts published ~ above them.

1.2 computer Games

Computer games are another kind of gyeongju vilification the is arising through the Internet. These encompass racist computer games with titles such together Ethnic Cleansing, Concentration Camp, Nigger Hunt and Shoot the Blacks. These gamings are marketed and sold via the Internet, and segments the them have the right to be downloaded and sampled by web users. Currently, there are about 20 racist computer games advertised or dispersed via the Internet, many of which room marketed through American racism sites.

One the the more sophisticated CD-ROM computer system games currently available on-line is the game referred to as Ethnic Cleansing. The game, principally advertised by one on-line white power music distributor, was released in 2002 on martin Luther King Day. <17> The object of the game is to death "sub-humans", specific Negros and Latinos, and also their Jewish "masters". It has been observed that games such together these rotate racially encouraged violence right into "entertainment". <18>

The promotional product for the computer system game Ethnic Cleansing states:

Run v the ghetto blasting away miscellaneous blacks and spics in an effort to obtain entrance come the subway system...where the jews have actually hidden to stop the carnage. Then if your lucky you can blow away jews as they scream "Oy Vey!", top top your way to their command center.

The player can select to have their character dress in KKK robes or as a Skinhead throughout the game. Assorted white-power symbols deserve to be checked out throughout the game and also it is play to a white power music soundtrack.

The site has the adhering to promotional picture of a black human being who has been shot:


The same team that created Ethnic Cleansing has proclaimed it will certainly release a new game based top top The Turner Diaries by william Pierce. <19> The Turner Diaries is extensively cited by racist groups and it portrays a world vast race war entailing the damage of all non-Whites and Jews through white Aryans v the usage of nuclear, chemical and also biological weapons.

This form of racial vilification has necessary implications not only for person rights agencies. The problem is also relevant to web content regulators in developing acceptable criter for computer game content and also then classifying internet content accordingly. The advertising of these gamings may also constitute the marketing and sale that unlawful product in Australia.

1.3 racialism Music: Publication, Merchandising and also Recruitment

Racist ideologies and also ideas are additionally disseminated with music and specifically the text of neo-Nazis bands which produce music variously called Hatecore, Oi!, Volk Music, White strength Rock, and also the like. <20> The leading themes of this genre that music are white supremacy, vilification the Jews, race war, violence and (since the 1990s) "Odinist" religious themes. <21> net marketing of racist music has detailed a means by which possibly unlawful product is sold and also distributed in Australia.

Racist music is principally obtained from the far-right skinhead movement and, v the Internet, this music has end up being "perhaps the most necessary tool the the international neo-Nazi movement to obtain revenue and brand-new recruits." <22> The distribution of rock dislike music via the net has come to prominence because the establishment in 1999 the a extremely successful us on-line music distribution company. This company is own by an American neo-Nazi group. It is assumed to have a turn-over of an ext than US$1 million per annum and also markets much more than 250 CD titles. <23>

Examples of racialism music include the album Racially motivated Violence which contains songs entitled "Still simply a Nigger", "Race mixing is Treason", "Mud Man" and also "Islam (Religion that Whores)". One more of the band"s albums is title "Too White for You" and the lyrics from the track "Racially Debased" top top this album encompass the following:

The dirt brown child that"s been given birthThe beating of her life is what that is worth…

My hand are around your neckYour error is mine to correctThe air slowly dwindles awayYour defiled body, top top the ground the lays.

These and also other racist lyrics are obtainable on the web in written type or with audio samples.

Internet marketing of racist music is vital as this music is generally not available in record stores in Australia. <24> Therefore, the Internet offers a circulation avenue not previously accessible to Australian citizens. Moreover, some of the lyrics of hatecore music might breach the provisions the the Racial distinguish Act. Consequently, the internet has become a method by which possibly unlawful product is sold and also distributed in Australia.

Profits indigenous the sale of music CDs room one method by which racist teams are able come finance their operations and publications.

Racist music is also thought to be necessary in the recruitment of new members into racist groups. Several extremist teams have articulated the potential the music as a recruitment and also ideological propagation tool. David Goldman, who created the popular hate security website "HateWatch", <25> has defined this potential in the adhering to way:

Once you begin listening, to buy CDs, maybe it"s time to take it that next step and also go to one of the concerts. That"s whereby the next step, yes, really recruitment, take away place. <26>

Accordingly, hatecore music on the web raises vital issues about the dissemination of racially offensive material, the circulation of possibly unlawful product in Australia, the financing of racist groups and the recruitment of new members right into these groups.

Internet radio stations that specialise in racist issues are additionally an arising problem, as space audio download from the web that contain racist ideology. <27>

1.4 open up Publishing Sites

Open posting sites have likewise been report to save on computer racist material that may be unlawful. Open publishing is a concept strongly grounded in the ideology of complimentary speech, in that through the open up publishing media site, the general public is may be to contribute news stories and also see these instantly show up on the web. These stories "are filtered as little as possible to assist the readers discover the stories they want…" <28>

Some open up publishing sites room alleged to have actually published racially vilificatory product which was contributed by members that the public, including comments such together "the Jewish society is about thievery and also back-stabbing evilness". <29>

1.5 interaction Mediums: Emails, Chat-rooms and Discussion-groups

The fostering of racist belief by an individual involves attitudinal, and even behavioural change, and such adjustments room most efficiently fostered through a "sense that community" and also interaction. As has actually been listed "whilst a feeling of neighborhood is very complicated to engender on static web sites, the is organic to the lively exchanges the typify Net discussion groups." <30> This makes the more interactive mediums top top the Internet an important means of propagating racism ideology and also behaviour. This interactive mediums can, however, be more complicated to monitor and evaluate and also may also raise issues regarding the reach of the Racial Discrimination act 1975.

Email is a an especially powerful organisational device for racism groups because it enables direct communication. The "listserves" and also "newsgroups" operated by many of this groups drastically enhance the distribution of racist ideology through email. Its volume to affect individuals exploring racist ideology is considerable, "particularly as soon as somebody the the stature the a Don black sends out you a personalized e-mail message." <31>

The Racial differentiate Act will certainly not constantly apply to emails however. An email would most likely be considered private (and past the with of the Act) unless it to be forwarded by among the correspondants to others. Emails between friends, because that example, space private and therefore not impacted by the Racial discrimination Act. The is crucial to clarify, however, the it is an offence in Australia come harass one more person, including by email, so vilificatory material privately post to one more is not constantly legal. Furthermore, emails distributed more broadly than in between people v a an individual relationship would immediately raise doubts regarding the privacy of the communication.

In October 2002 a racist email was reported to have been distributed randomly with a computer virus in the northern Territory. <32> over there have likewise been reports the other species of racist fixed emails targeting specific racial teams in Australia, and also this type of circulation has actually similarities to the trouble of unsolicited mass email or "SPAM".

Chat-rooms are also mediums wherein racist interactions take place and these court can regularly be classified as public and therefore within the reach of the legislation. Many racist sites also have links to specialised discussion groups. Yahoo! in the united States at this time facilitates roughly 143 e-groups came to with racism and also hate, whilst MSN (US) facilitates roughly 17 such groups. <33> The figures for Australian e-groups room yet to be researched.

The degree to i beg your pardon a password or other protective machine takes a chat-room discussion communication into the private realm (and beyond the reach of the Act) would must be evaluated on a case by case basis. In most cases, the does seem that the ease and also openness of accessibility to many on-line chat-rooms and discussion teams would disqualify them native claiming to it is in "private".

There room several factors why discussion groups space of issue to gyeongju equality groups. <34> One is that discussion groups increasingly require individuals to achieve passwords and, sometimes, the consent that the larger group in order to participate. Within such closed venues racist ideology is "uncontested" by more comprehensive public views, which for some can amplify the persuasiveness the the belief being expressed. Furthermore, the kind of interaction accessible in a discussion group is crucial to ideological persuasion. David Goldman poses the concern "Think around how you convince someone of a proposition, any kind of proposition." <35> The answer, that says, is by relating to the person"s concerns and also issues, establishing these as shared, and then proposing the factor for these troubles - in this case, blaming minority and also ethnic groups. This type of interaction is specifically important because that alienated people who may be delicate to recruitment into extremist groups. It allows such world to find a feeling of identity within the group and to be convinced that the blame for their scenarios or pertains to is base in race.

It is necessary to include that together membership groups are not necessarily "private" because that the objectives of the Racial differentiate Act as obtaining membership might still it is in a sensibly easy matter. Again, a instance by case evaluation would it is in necessary.

In addition, the anonymity of discussion groups is important. For potential members there is a viewed risk in coming to be directly connected in one extremist group, specifically for the an initial time. As Todd Schroer has noted, "If you need to go to a Klan rally or actually create to come get affiliated in hate, that"s a large barrier come overcome." <36> plenty of people, an especially young people, would feel more secure attending a "virtual overcome burning" <37> than a real one, and this anonymity patent "a safe expedition of extremist ideology" because that potential recruits. <38>

Finally, discussion groups, and also the an ext interactive mediums typically such together emails, etc, reinforce racism. The is not safe, or commonly acceptable, for a person to publicly advertise their racist views or behaviour. Conversation groups create an environment where "racists can congratulate one another and also urge each other on come violence." <39>

Due to the success of interactive internet mediums in propagating racism ideology and recruiting members come racist groups, the southerly Poverty Law center concludes that racist groups and individual propagandists will increasingly utilise the much more private network venues. Offered the truth that several of these interaction mediums at least purport to it is in private, this trend possibly has necessary implications in the application of the Racial distinguish Act.

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This paper has listed an summary of the different varieties of racist activity on the Internet in addition to illustrations of these. It demonstrates the the concern of racism on the net is serious and takes countless different forms. The reality that these sites to be accessed as component of HREOC"s Australian-based research study evidences that the regulatory program in Australia is not yet reliable in staying clear of racist material. The focus upon Australian-created content likewise illustrates that this is not just a difficulty generated by various other countries, even though the dimensions of the trouble are significantly expanded by overseas postings on the Internet.