There’s a “game” going approximately Facebook horse teams where someone write-ups a photo of their horse and also answers some questions around them. I thought this would certainly be fun to do here on the blog today! I’m walk to carry out both my horse, Glory, and also my best friend’s horse, Raven. I hope you enjoy learning about our horses!


My surname is: Glory (Crescent Hill Glory Bound)

My nicknames: Grumpy, Glory-glory, Goofy, Glumpy the Bug-eyed Nag, Glory-girl.

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My each other is: Morgan

My period is: 23 years old

My favourite food is: Mints, apples

My biggest fear is: Ladders. Lug a ladder out approximately me, and also I will lose my mind!

My favorite point to do: Eat, role in the dust after being hosed down, traction the cart.

What I hate most: gift in mine stall for lengthy periods that time.

Where carry out I sleep? Either out in the field or in my stall, if I’m inside. Mainly I sleep the end in the field/paddock since we’re out many of the time.

Do i love cuddles? I will tolerate lock if I’m in the atmosphere to. Or if you have a treat for me.

Am ns bossy? only if I have to be. If no one else will certainly take charge, then i will, however I’d fairly be the follower.


My name is: crow (Night Moves)

My nicknames: Waven, Rae-rae, supervisor Rae-rae, pretty pony

My each other is: Morgan

My period is: 22 years old

My favorite food is: Banana chips!

My biggest are afraid is: Being far from Glory

My favorite thing to do: Cantering, jumping, herding my girlfriend around the field, eating treats.

What I dislike most: standing still.

Where perform I sleep? Sleep? What is sleep? I need to be always vigilant about dangers!

Do i love cuddles? ns adore cuddles! human beings are the best, since they pay fist to me and give me cookies!

Am i bossy? i am the ceo Mare!


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