"I placed a assignment on You"...

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» Tue Dec 06, 2011 5:42 am

for this reason right now I"m law the quest: "I placed a assignment on You" wherein it can be obtained at Camp McCarran (NCR"s main Base). I"m at the component of the pursuit where I"m checking the watch tower or what ever it is investigating the late-night break-ins. Have the right to anybody phone call me exactly what to execute here? ns honestly have no clue... I checked the terminal and also assumed I"d have actually to capture the spy in the crime yet had no luck.
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It didn"t work It"s the tower v the small room, HAM radio, and a wall radio right?And to be I in search of someone in there?
I"ve had actually this issue also - just stood in over there from 9PM to 5AM and also nothing happened.Maybe i did miscellaneous wrong.. I"ll try again later.
First, speak to the Old very first Recon guy, the one v the unique cowboy repeater and he"ll tell girlfriend he experienced someone up the tower late at night, around 1AM. Then execute NOT talk to anyone else, just go wait because that someone to enter at 1AM.DO NOT perform NOT execute NOT talk to any type of NCR officers about it, it breaks the quest if you talk to the mole around it and events won"t create the way they"re an alleged to, if you finish up screwing it increase the leak will just sit there inside the tower and also you can not overhear. Presume you perform like ns said above you desire to get in at 1AM simply after the spy, overhear what that says, execute not interact him, operation your ass come the monorail and disarm the bomb (35 explosives and like 50 science, don"t quote me on it), climate report come Colonel Hsu. The crucial is to not communicate the mole and also not to let on come anyone the you understand there is a mole in ~ the tower at 1. Climate sneak in, sit there, leave, disarm bomb, speak to Hsu.
It didn"t occupational It"s the tower with the small room, HAM radio, and also a wall surface radio right?And am I in search of someone in there?
If you are in the tower, the guy won"t come (iow, he need to somehow recognize you"re there). Friend can uncover out the moment (which is, 0100 hours) by talking to the an initial Recon member the was mangled through the legion.To perform this, you need to be in the vicinity the the tower, starting at 2330, and then wait - but do not usage the "wait" command. Simply squat there, usage your binoculars, or your scopes, and also keep one eye out.Eventually, you"ll watch someone do their way towards the tower. Now before going in, make sure that you"re in sneak mode, and don"t rush up. Simply go in, and wait 15 seconds. You could have come rush elsewhere first.
~ above my an initial playthrough, I provided "wait" comman, and also entered with sneak at 1:54 and it worked. In fact, the spy was sneaking appropriate in former of me top top the stairs top top his method out, and then started his script to speak to his boss. After the quest said to defuse bomb, ns went straight there and defused there is no incident. I think I had actually told mine companions come wait external (so they not follow me in)On my 2nd playthrough, ns just could not get it to work! (This is after ~ the game acquired its an initial patch). Anyways ns don"t know what renders it job-related or not ( i talked come a zillion civilization after ns talked come the La Lounge Carabine man who speak you 1am therefore I assumed I to be sunk), but after analysis this object I got an idea.

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I ran far away (30sec hike) and also dropped my companions there. Climate I gotten in sneak mode, climate "wait"ed till "1:40", climate snuck all the way to the door (by the time I obtained to the door it was almost 2am). It worked the first time!
The mole to be there. I wait till the search updated to my objective being "disarm bomb" (dont leave as well early!)
Again, i dont have actually the patience to store retying this black-box trial and error style, but hopefully it works for some of you.
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