a/n:In honor of breaking Dawn, (which was actually pretty good), I have actually written a drabble point that... Totally ignores it ever before existed. Oops.

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The soundtrack, however, to be outstanding.

I don't recognize if I would certainly even insurance claim to very own Twilight if i did, I also don't own the incredible sleeping At Last.

'i surrender that i've to be for who you are'

'though we're tethered come the story we need to tell,when i witnessed you, well, i knew we'd tell that well.with a whisper, we will tame the vicious seas.like a feather pass kingdoms to their knees.'


Her very first elementary boyfriend had actually honey hair and the many beautiful blue eyes. He brought her flower everyday, a crooked grin lining his face.

Funny that that's the challenge she think of on her wedding day. Not of the man waiting at the alter, no, simply of that tiny boy's sort eyes.

Of course together she prays no to autumn down the aisle she records the briefest glimpse of sunshine gleam from one more boy through honey colored hair. He flicker a smile, an ext crooked the the groom's, yet she smiles back.

She spends half the ceremony wonder if Jasper had actually blue eyes prior to he died.


She's trained she eyes to not linger throughout the years. She hates when civilization linger on she so she does her really best not to linger on anyone else. The doesn't issue anyway, no one ever before looks at her as soon as Edward is there.

Except the brother standing next to Alice, his expression weary and also eyes black. She gaze always falls on the for as well long, tracing every feature of her face with detail.

She to know that even with the pale scars the is still much more beautiful 보다 she can ever before hope to be.

Sometimes once she passes him in the house, she brushes she fingers against the skin top top his arms. The emotion of the raised icy skin reasons a shock come run through her.

He never ever says anything to her and she can't decide if she no him or loves him because that it.


She reads a lot, since there's really nothing rather to execute with her time. She mind drink in all she have the right to of every love story she can obtain her hands on. The an ext and an ext she reads the more and an ext she doubts.

Her husband kisses she goodbye for a weekend hunting trip with Carlisle and Emmett. He's gone before she deserve to return the sentiment.

Her eyes fall on Jasper's form, leaning against the door post, staring ~ his family members with a soft smile. His laugh is dangerously coming to be her favorite thing around being a Cullen.

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As she brushes previous him into the large house, she feels his breath on her neck and also not because that the an initial time she marvels if she picked the wrong love story, ~ all.