A Reddit user is asking for aid in handling his girlfriend's an extremely weird kink: she buys that diapers and also treats him favor a baby.

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Internet - A no hope Reddit user reached out for advice on his relationship. He wanted to understand if his girlfriend"s very specific kink to be normal.

A mrs treats her boyfriend favor a baby and wants him come wear diapers (stock image).©123RF/Sergiy Tryapitsyn

Her last inquiry drove him come the internet searching for some guidance. He stated that he doesn"t want to damage his two-year partnership but also feels choose something is wrong.

"I really...really can"t believe I"m having to write this out <...> I’m not sure how I need to feel around this or just how to even bring it up" the man wrote.

The problem? " mine (22m) girl friend (26f) that 2 years likes to dress me up and also treat me like a baby."


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Apparently, that all started out harmlessly: "She insisted on feeding me mine food and drinks. She’d tease me a tiny bit by taking my food once I was about to take it a bite." but then his girlfriend began dressing him up and also having him take bubble baths.

"At first I chosen it because well… she make me feel like a king honestly," the man wrote, including that things acquired progressively weirder together she bought him toys to play with in the bath.

"She bought me a bottle that she filled with my favourite whiskey" (stock image).©123RF/magone

The bizarre video game just preserved escalating indigenous there: "She purchase me a bottle that she filled v my favourite whiskey. She knitted me a bib and oversized booties. She purchase me a pacifier with adult-sized onesies."

He additionally shared that his girlfriends favorite thing is come cuddle v him and say things favor "mommy loves you."

The last straw came when she came home with a bag of adult diapers. That"s once the 22-year-old made decision to ask other users because that advice: "Is this normal? has anyone even been in a case like this? Am i kidding myself?"


As the day-to-day Star reports, most replies expressed worry – no so much about the diapers as around the girlfriends absence of interaction or willingness to explain what to be going on.

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One wrote: "The fetish itself no the trouble – but taking the this far without actually stating it with him and also ignoring his concerns around the diaper no OK." one more agreed and said, "Limits should be set in a case like this and it has to be talked about."

Unfortunately, there have actually been no update since and it looks like we"ll never ever know just how this tricky instance was resolved.