Patrick Sullivan of SB nation’s One Foot down joins united state for Q&A shenanigans ahead of navy vs. Notre Dame.

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front of navy rekindling the rivalry with Notre Dame this weekend, us asked some questions to Patrick Sullivan that SB nation’s One Foot Down.

Oh, and read my answers come his concerns here.

1. Notre Dame is among the many successful program in the background of university football. However, in the college football playoff era, the Irish have actually only made 2 appearances and also have lost both gamings by a decent margin. When is Notre Dame’s next playoff showing? What is the going come take because that a championship?

Really quickly to start, I’d like to challenge the indigenous “only” in the 2nd sentence that this question. In the 7 completed seasons in the CFP era, there have only been 11 groups who have actually made the university Football Playoff at all. The those 11, just 5 have actually made it more than as soon as — Notre Dame is among them. So, of course I’d favor if ND to be on the very same level together Alabama (6 appearances) or Clemson (6) or Ohio State (4) or Oklahoma (4) here, yet to speak they’ve “only” made 2 appearances is pretty unfair wording considering they’re in the peak 4% there.

With the said, I will obviously grant you that the Irish have been completely, embarrassingly over-matched in both of your appearances in the CFP. Clemson for sure crushed castle 30-3 in 2018, and Alabama’s 31-14 success last brand-new Year’s Day might not have actually been a finish beatdown, but ND was never really in it. The Irish have actually yet to present up for one of their CFP appearances, so come answer her last question: ns think it will certainly take a new coach and also some incremental upstream recruiting in ~ several key positions — QB, WR, and also CB especially — for the ireland to have actually a opportunity to actually even win a semifinal game, permit alone the location game. Brian Kelly has lugged the program ago to prominence, but shows up unable to take them that last action or 2 in stimulate to it is in the finest team in university football.

ND’s following playoff appearance, though, will probably come in the next few years. Just based on how good the freshman class has looked this season and how recruiting is shaping increase in the 2022 and also 2023 classes, I would guess 2023 or 2024 will offer us the following CFP bid for the Irish. The big question will be even if it is they actually can look like they belong as soon as they gain there.

2. The Navy-Notre Dame yearly match was broken last year. COVID obviously play a large role in that. However, detect a way to pat each other was possible. Thoughts? probably it strengthened the irish schedule bring about a playoff appearance? i don’t think numerous Navy fans to be happy about it.

So, is there still a desire to eliminate Navy completely from the Irish’s schedule?

I’m not certain it was really the possible. Anyone was doing conference-only schedules critical season, consisting of ND v their momentary membership in the ACC. Ns doubt the ACC and AAC would have allowed the two teams to schedule a match-up in ~ all, considering every the risks and also complexities connected with COVID last season.

With the said, it more than likely did contempt strengthen ND’s schedule that caused a playoff appearance. Navy was not an excellent last year and even as soon as they space good, a win over the Midshipmen no seem to matter much come the CFP committee or the national media — instead of them through some mediocre ACC team probably didn’t necessarily make it that much harder on ND to obtain a win, however it did add a P5 win to the resume instead of a win over Navy. That helps, unfortunately.

In terms of eliminating marine from the schedule, my take is the I’d like it to avoid being an annual game. I think the ties between these two colleges are strong and traditional and also cool and also I don’t want to eliminate that fully from the equation, but just like other classic opponents (Michigan, Purdue, Michigan State, etc.), ns think ND deserve to afford to schedule periodic two-year series against the Midshipmen and also that will suffice. Obviously, ND fan the navy for their aid during WWII through the V-7 program, etc., however that debt has absolutely because been paid, and also at this point all the Irish acquire is a lose-lose game on the schedule that involves a completely unique offense to prepare for and lots of cut-blocking Midshipmen diving at ND defenders’ legs. I don’t want to totally eliminate the series, however count me as someone that thinks it have the right to be played a lot less often and also still honor the long standing relationship between the two schools.

3. The ireland team is stacked through talent. Who room the future NFL hall of Famers? What is the true opinion of/faith in Jack Coan?

Kyle Hamilton, if he remains healthy, is the clean No. 1 answer here. I truly believe he can be one of the ideal safeties the NFL has ever seen — he’s the full package, and also I’m sad he is missed the last pair games and also will also miss this one.

Aside indigenous him, there room plenty that other guys who will have actually solid NFL careers, however I’m not certain if any type of of them are future HOFers or not. If I had to choose a few with the finest chance to do so, though, I’d go with TE Michael Mayer, RB Kyren “Bellyman” Williams, DE Isaiah Foskey, and also then maybe a pair linemen favor DT Jayson Ademilola and also C Jarrett Patterson. Ns will include that there room some true freshmen that ns think might be great NFLers someday based upon what they’ve already shown, including OTs Joe Alt and also Blake Fisher and also WR Lorenzo formats Jr.

RE: Jack Coan: I favor him. He’s nowhere close to being the ideal player ~ above the offense and also has some crucial flaws the hindered the team beforehand in the season in conjunction with some horrible offensive line play, yet he’s a tough, sturdy QB who, when given an excellent protection, is very good at accurately finding his receivers and also driving the team under the field for points, no issue the game instance (he seems to grow in the last 2 minute of near games). I don’t have faith in him come win any games top top his own, but at this point I to trust him through this offense (assuming he gets protection) and think he’s proven he can lead this team under many circumstances. He is a pretty bridge between Ian Book and also the likely 2022 and also 2023 starter, current freshman Tyler Buchner.

4. Turbulent loss against a team of 5, AAC foe in Cincinnati… Is the Notre Dame season currently considered a failure? Under-performance? have the right to we write-off a playoff spot?

I wouldn’t walk so far as to say it’s a failure, however “under-performance” appears fair considering Cincinnati was clearly the just actually-good adversary on the schedule, and also the Irish shed somewhat convincingly in ~ home. Yes no dead in shedding to the Bearcats ideal now, yet the manner in i m sorry it happened was disappointing, and also the fact there are no other opportunities for redemptive wins makes the rest of the season rather “mehhh” in terms of excitement.

And yes, we can write off a playoff spot because that the Irish. I’m certain there’s part wild, chaotic scenario the gets lock in, but I don’t believe that will happen and likewise don’t think this ND team deserves that kind of divine providence anyway. Castle destined to finish as an decent ND team that can maybe break the program’s NY6 bowl game losing streak, which would be a nice little consolation prize. I would certainly be quite happy v 12-1 and also a NY6 win, assuming it’s setup up the team for better things in the next pair seasons.

5. Execute Notre Dame fans choose the idea of play Navy in Ireland? Or is that just a take trip headache to assistance the team?

There could be some human being who think it’s not worth the take trip or jet lag before coming ago and playing a week two opponent, yet I would say I’m really much for it and also so are most Notre Dame fans.

If we’re going come play Navy, play them in the season opener in Ireland is an awesome means to perform it — cool location, it’s funny to have actually a game starting early in the morning if she in the U.S. The town hall it, and it’s a super fun excuse to take trip to Ireland. A bunch of my college friends and also I had planned come go check out the video game in 2020 and then travel around Ireland and also Scotland for favor 10 days, so it to be a significant bummer when that dropped through. Ns love the location matchup because that these 2 teams, specifically if it just happens every 8-10 years.

6. Did girlfriend know: the Notre Dame fight track is the exact same as the Milton High college fight song? Funny story: *pause* this isn’t really a question, simply my next bar that any Navy/Marine Corps/Coast guard aviator would understand. Paul Levins is a former military survivalist and also now teaches survival training during a really early phase of trip school. Pretty lot every Navy/Marine Corps/Coast guard aviator has encountered Paul Levins and remember his colorful and unique comments. He deserve to be hilarious, yet an extremely politically incorrect and also offensive. Ultimately, he is unforgettable. ~ Paul’s career in the Army, the moved back to his hometown in Milton, Florida (just Google the place… crazy). Milton is a city end from Pensacola, Florida, where the initial phases of flight school room conducted. Paul is one alumni the Milton High School. Component of survive training is becoming CPR certified. As soon as Paul grades the CPR tests together they room turned in, that sings the Milton HS struggle song once students obtained 100% ~ above the test. Around halfway with grading, one college student asked “Sir, what song perform you maintaining singing?” Paul answers, “The Milton High institution fight song!” and I said, from the earlier of the classroom, “I’ve personally to be scored on by Notre Dame enough to recognize that’s the Notre Dame fight song”. Naturally, that told me Milton High School had actually it first.

LOL that’s awesome, and I had no idea about any that it.

I’m gonna walk ahead and challenge Levins ~ above his timeline here, though — Wikipedia tells me the Notre Dame success March was composed in 1908 and an initial performed in ~ ND in 1909. Milton High college wasn’t started until 1915.

7. Festive Question: the officially November, which way it’s officially time because that the time-honored tradition of the way-too-early playing of Christmas/holiday MOVIES. What are your five favorite Christmas/holiday movies? Feel free to explain.

Let me just preface these rankings by speak I have actually weird taste in movies, mine preferences an extremely much skew towards comedies, and also when it pertains to holiday movies, hokey/cheesy oftentimes win true quality. So don’t be expecting It’s A exorbitant Life here, folks.

My rankings:

5. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: ns a huge Yukon Cornelius fan.

4. Elf: it’s overplayed and overquoted, but for a very good reason — that’s an excellent holiday movie with components that still make me chuckle the end loud come myself.

3. Home Alone: really cool exactly how they made this prequel/origin story for Jigsaw from the Saw franchise.

2. The Santa Clause: classic Christmas movie vibes however with Tim Allen sarcasm/humor. Making funny of Neil’s sweaters never gets old.

1. Jingle all the Way: Arnold, Sinbad, Phil Hartman, Rita Wilson, the child from Phantom Menace. Need ns say more? This is the perfect Christmas movie.

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8. Last score? game predictions?

I think this one will certainly go somewhat similar to 2018 and 2019, wherein the irish pretty much take care of their business and also use their exceptional size/speed come string with each other some huge plays, get some stops, and end increase winning by a couple of scores. Ns a small worried around the ND defense tackling well enough to gain the Midshipmen offense off the field at times, and also could check out that keeping the Midshipmen in it because that a fifty percent or so, but in its entirety I think the irish will lug their A-game down the stretch and also pull away in the second half.