It’s unlikely that anyone v internet accessibility has avoided seeing a meme. Lock everywhere! you can uncover them on society media, in blog posts, and on dedicated images sites favor GIPHY.

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Guess what — they aren’t simply for funny tweets. You have the right to use castle in your workplace communications, too! yet how did web memes involved exist? What specifically are they? and how in the human being do you even make or use one in ~ work?


Don’t worry — we’ve obtained your back! check out on to discover all about memes and how to make them yourself.

What is a meme?

Richard Dawkins, an evolution biologist, first coined the term meme in his 1976 publication ‘The Selfish Gene.’ He listed that they space a means for people to pass along social memory and cultural ideas to one another. Fittingly, image is short for the Greek indigenous mimeme, definition “imitated thing.”

The bulk of photo memes room captioned image that are intended to it is in funny, often as a way to publicly ridicule human behavior. Memes spread out virally with social media sites choose Facebook and Twitter, where people an alert and share them with others.


Public relations, advertising, and marketing specialists have taken on memes together a kind of viral marketing. Castle hilarious, straightforward to create, and also packaged perfectly for earning share on society media channels. In one era where 350 million images are posted on on facebook every day, compelling and humorous photos or videos might be your finest shot at standing out and earning engagement.

Whether you’re developing one for job-related or for fun, we’re below to help. Through Snagit, it only takes a few steps to do a meme. Let’s dive in!

Easily make a meme!

Snagit makes producing custom mim super easy. Download Snagit and use the complimentary meme template today!


How to generate a meme

Step 1. Come up through your idea

Usually, once you walk to do a meme, you’ll have actually an idea in mind. However if not, think of something funny.

Step 2. Pick your image or images

Are girlfriend going to put your own caption on an present image, or execute you want to inscription your own? conserve or seize the picture or meme template you want to use ready to go. Friend can constantly upload multiple images if needed for the layout you want.

Step 3. Open up your image in Snagit

Open Snagit and click create, then choose Image native Template. Select the picture option, and also drag your picture into the placeholder.




Step 4. Edit and add text

Add text to your image. Memes frequently use white, bold resources letters v a strong black outline. Snagit’s fast Styles room perfect because that this, and you can easily create and also move text boxes anywhere on the canvas. Play approximately with message size and also placement to obtain the image exactly how girlfriend want.

Step 5. Save and also upload

Save and also upload your final image directly to your email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Come share with coworkers or friends.

Now, that your rotate to do a meme! If you don’t already have Snagit, download the cost-free trial. Then, create your own to share through friends, send to coworkers, or market your product.

Easily do a meme!

Snagit makes creating custom mim super easy. Download Snagit and also use the complimentary meme design template today!


Why must I do a meme?

Memes room a an excellent way come share funny jokes or info with friends and coworkers. Plus, they’re super easy to make! No endure with any kind of tools is needed.

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Can i make a GIF meme?

Absolutely! usage the GIF attribute in Snagit and easily revolve any video clip right into an man GIF meme to share through others.

Can I usage memes in ~ work?

While you have to be conscious of your organization’s rectal culture, memes are frequently a great way to switch up her communication and also have fun at work. Us say go for it!

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