19And of every living thing, of every flesh, friend shall bring two of every kind right into the ark, to store them alive v you; they shall it is in male and female. 20Of the bird according to their kinds, and also of the pets according to their kinds, of every creeping thing of the ground follow to that kind, 2 of every sort shall come in come you, to store them alive. 21Also take v you every kind of food the is eaten, and also store the up; and also it shall offer as food because that you and also for them.” 22Noah walk this; the did all that God commanded him.

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Chapter 7

Then the LORD said to Noah, “Go right into the ark, you and all her household, for I have actually seen the you alone are righteous before me in this generation. 2Take with you 7 pairs of every clean animals, the male and also its mate; and a pair that the pets that space not clean, the male and also its mate; 3and 7 pairs of the bird of the wait also, male and also female, to keep their sort alive on the challenge of all the earth. 4For in seven days I will send rain on the planet for fourty days and forty nights; and every living point that I have actually made I will blot out from the face of the ground.” 5And Noah walk all the the LORD had commanded him.6Noah was six hundred years old as soon as the overwhelming of waters came on the earth. 7And Noah through his sons and also his wife and his sons’ wives got in the ark come escape the waters the the flood. 8Of clean animals, and also of animals that are not clean, and also of birds, and of whatever that creeps on the ground, 9two and also two, male and female, went into the ark with Noah, as God had commanded Noah. 10And after 7 days the waters of the flood came on the earth.11In the 6 hundredth year the Noah’s life, in the 2nd month, on the seventeenth day of the month, on the day every the fountains of the good deep burst forth, and also the windows of the heavens were opened. 12The rain fell on the planet forty days and forty nights. 13On the very same job Noah with his sons, Shem and also Ham and Japheth, and Noah’s wife and also the 3 wives that his sons gotten in the ark, 14they and also every wild pet of every kind, and also all domestic pets of every kind, and also every creeping point that creeps on the earth, and also every bird that every kind — every bird, every winged creature. 15They entered the ark with Noah, two and two of every flesh in i beg your pardon there to be the breath that life. 16And those that entered, male and female of all flesh, went in as God had actually commanded him; and the mr shut that in.17The flood continued forty job on the earth; and the waters increased, and also bore up the ark, and also it climbed high over the earth. 18The waters swelled and also increased significantly on the earth; and also the ark floated top top the challenge of the waters. 19The waters swelled for this reason mightily ~ above the earth that all the high mountains under the whole heaven to be covered; 20the waters swelled above the mountains, spanning them fifteen cubits deep. 21And all flesh died that moved on the earth, birds, domestic animals, wild animals, every swarming creatures the swarm top top the earth, and also all person beings; 22everything on dried land in whose nostrils was the breath that life died. 23He blotted the end every living thing that was on the face of the ground, human beings and animals and creeping things and birds of the air; they to be blotted out from the earth. Just Noah to be left, and also those the were through him in the ark. 24And the waters swelled ~ above the planet for one hundred fifty days.

If i Can’t swim After 40 Days, elevator Me Up!

Let united state Pray:


There room things in this world

About this world

About the notified of the world

That we carry out not understand

And we pause this day to contemplate that

Both our disappointed at our absence of understanding

And our smallness in relation to you

Guide our hearts and our psychic to view at all times and all places

And all circumstances

The indicators of your grace

In the surname of the one who bore a cross us still don’t understand

Jesus the Christ


We have an excellent hymns and songs around water.

“When peace, favor a river, attendeth my way. When sorrows prefer sea billows roll. Whatever my lot, thou hast taught me come say, it is well, it is well with my soul…”

This hymn tune is named Ville du Havre, and also its called after a ship the sunk in the Atlantic ocean shortly ~ the good Chicago Fire ruined the author, Horatio Spafford’s, wealth.

On the ship were all 4 of Spafford’s daughters and also his wife. While his mam survived, every one of Spafford’s daughters passed away in the catastrophic crash.

Later on, when Spafford to be traveling on another ship, that passed by the wreckage website of the S.S. Ville du Havre, and he penned this words, “it is well v my soul…”

In a more modern-day vein, the Christian rock band, Jars of Clay, has a good track on their debut album title Flood. A contemporary day telling of the boy name story told indigenous a an initial person perspective, it had actually this great, thumping base laying under the verses, and also this driving, full throated chorus:

But if ns can’t swimming after 40 days, and my mind is crushed by the crashing waves, background me increase so high that ns cannot fall! lift me up!


Lift me up…

Spafford organized a courage the I regularly lack. That is frequently not well with my soul as soon as tragedy strikes. Instead, ns usually discover myself shaking my fist in ~ God and also saying, “Lift me up!”

In this, our third week the this sermon collection looking at just how a Christian life is straight related to water, we have to resolve the hard and challenging issue that water is numerous times terrifying. Numerous times the agent of disaster instead of that tool of grace and promise that we saw last mainly in the waters of baptism.

This previous weekend my wife’s family was in town. And being tiny boys of 9 and 5, mine nephews were interested in everything in the house. My niece was as well, she is 3, yet my nephews were the ones that wanted come explore, asking questions, dig with things.

And if you’ve ever before been to our apartment, you know that this exploration of points did not take long. Our place isn’t very big.

But ns did obtain out my “treasure chest” together my younger nephew phone call it. Yes, really it’s just filled with bits and also pieces of mine childhood, compensation I’d won, tape insignia that never made it on the uniform, a couple of random G.I. Joes, some matchbox cars, and my old photograph IDs native high college that triggered a “who’s that?” indigenous the boys…

And they want to play with it all.

But in there we additionally found a picture, and also I’m no sure how it acquired in there, the my mam Rhonda together a little girl running on the beach. Currently Rhonda and I have known each various other for a long time, because middle school, however this to be of a really young Rhonda, probably about 5 or 6 to run on the coast in a swimsuit.

And i pulled that out and looked in ~ it, and also my mother-in-law come in and also said, “Oh, i remember taking that picture! It was her an initial time ever seeing the ocean, and when she obtained up to me she said, ‘Oh, it’s everything I dreamed it would be and also more!’”

And it is. I have actually a love affair v the s that tribe from my childhood on Miami Beach.

But I also remember looking out at the ocean and also wondering where it ended. Ns remember stand on the s in the center of a storm, and upon seeing a water spout form, obtaining this amazing damaging tremble rumble v my body.

The waters that this planet are amazing, and terrifying. They can rightly be called “awesome” in the original sense the the term: they cause me to stand in awe.

And in talking around the awesome nature of the waters of the earth, i think there yes, really is no far better story 보다 this young name story we uncover not much into Genesis.

I love imagining this story that Noah and the flood in different ways. I can imagine God comes to Noah and also saying, “Noah, the end of all the world of the world, girlfriend I uncover righteous…” and also Noah going, “Excuse me? have you been watching?”

I have the right to imagine God saying, “Build a boat, Noah. Right right here in the center of Kansas. Build a boat,” and also Noah going, “C’mon, God, the people think ns crazy enough as the is. Currently you want me to go and prove it come people?!”

I love imagining that humorously like that due to the fact that it masks end my true are afraid over this passage: why walk this story say God kills practically everything in water?

Why? Why?

It’s a peculiar thing, really. In the start God produced the heavens and also the earth…and just six chapters into it every God is already tired the the lot.

And I need to tell you that i really don’t choose the young name story. The a tiny too violent because that my blood, and also I really don’t understand the characterization the God. Really, God? You’re tired of this creation that friend proclaim come love already?

And among the points I an alert most about this analysis from Genesis is the thin volume of numbers! 40 days. 150 days. 600 years old. That overwhelming, literally, over our head in numbers. And you gain the feeling that the overwhelming for Noah and his family as well. Structure this vast boat, obtaining plants and also animals ~ above the boat, closing increase ship, being in the center of a herbal disaster for months and also months…it’s sufficient to think God had it out for you!

But I deserve to understand the sentiment, you know.

I deserve to understand looking up at the sky and thinking, “Alright, Almighty, the pretty clear you have actually it in for me…”

Because I know what it’s prefer to feel as if your people is crumbling about you. Being overwhelmed by the number of that all. 100 job unemployed. 6 months without a stable ar to live. Cook water for 3 weeks since the water source is unsafe. 50 work in the hospital and we tho don’t understand what’s wrong. 70 year old and also the pension is to run thin….

It’s together if water is rushing in upon your neck, and all girlfriend would prefer is a life-raft out of the situation. It’s overwhelming, and also all girlfriend would prefer is part grace.

There are, that course, graces in this story. God go not destroy everything. Indeed, all of creation is saved in one way or an additional through the ark and also procreation.

But the concern of “why” still lingers.

It’s lot the same inquiry I get when ns sitting in ~ the bedside that someone whose lungs are filling up v fluid, slowly drowning in their own body, and also they go, “Why? Why is God act this come me?”

Why? Why?

The asking of “why,” the bemoaning of the tragedies of life, is an action of lament. I think we have lost lament in this world, we have lost the ability to grieve appropriately. We require lament in this world, we need to be able to shout to the Almighty and ask “Why?!” when tragedy occurs, once disaster strikes. God is huge enough. God have the right to take our anger. God have the right to take our questions, even if often silence is the just answer.

This story the Noah and the overwhelming is a really challenging story, and one that bleeds into my life all the time! i mean, I usage flood imagery all the time as soon as talking around trouble. So perform you, ns imagine.

Think of all the water associated metaphors we use for hard times. “I’m knee deep” or “up to my neck.” “The mortgage is under water” or “our partnership is ~ above ice.” “I’m up a creek without a paddle,” or “I’m floundering.”

Our language is complete of them, rife with them, because we recognize the case that water gift to us: that is a force that is nearly unstoppable.

Oh, sure, we can move it. In fact, you’re sit right currently on the bottom that the Chicago River. At the very least it provided to be. The old river supplied to run directly under this sanctuary. We’re all approximately our neck in the old Chicago River appropriate now.

And for all the technological miracles that it take it to draw away the river just past Rockwell, don’t you recognize we’re still payment the price of the move, the price of managing water? Our foundation is progressively sinking. If you want I can show you the cracks. For this reason our require for a Capital project soon…

Yet water does have an unstoppable nature to it. It seeps into cracks and crevices, anyone that has had to sump pump your basement knows this. It breaks down even the hardest products over time, wearing far at them.

And it overflows banks and berms…even as we pray because that those in the flood area of the center states, particularly Minot, north Dakota today.

But for all the water metaphors the we have in our language, and also for all the times as soon as we scream “Why is God law this to me?!” in the confront of tragedy, i think it would certainly be a mistake to assume the God is in ~ the helm of the crushing waters.

In those times and also in those moments, that feels together if God is being vengeful. I know it does, and I’m quite an important of the shameless platitudes the we regularly like to throw approximately in the challenge of tragedy. The is not constantly for a purpose, it does not always lead to higher life or a teachable moment. Periodically tragedy just leads come pain, and also it feels together if God is against us, and we cannot mask over the fact, and also we have to not…

But in my love of hearts, no issue what that feels like, i trust that God is no the reason of this world pain.

When i was a chaplain in ~ Northwestern Hospital, mine pager went off at 2am top top the 5th of July. Being a Trauma One Center, any type of boating or fireworks accidents would come directly from the marina come Northwestern. It was a busy night.

And together my pager went off, I referred to as down to the ER. “Come quickly, please.”

I go behind the curtain in the bustling ER, and there top top the table is a young guy with his whole family huddled around him, and his mommy wailing, lied on top of him, crying over her just son.

They had actually been the end on a boat celebrating the 4th of July, jumping in and also out of the water. And also it was just one earlier flip too numerous as the young guy hit his head top top the next of the boat and also was swallowed up, unconscious in Lake Michigan.

And together the mom was crying, wailing over she son, she kept saying, “Por que, Padre? Por que?” Why, Father, why?

So ns did the Rite of extreme unction, blessed the family, prayed with them in damaged Spanish, got their thanks, and also went up to the chapel for my own wrestling match.

“Why, Father, why?!” ns shouted in that tiny chapel. My voice reverberating off the stained glass that was an alleged to offer me comfort however only appeared to mock my question with its bright and also cheery outlook.

“Oh you who can calm the storms, whereby were you once this young was drowning? wherein were you?!”

And climate I observed the cross, hanging there in the center. And I remember the nurse holding the shoulder the the youngest sister, and the medical professional holding the hand of the father together we prayed. And I mental the extreme peace the fill the room as I take it water, that very same water that had taken his life, and also made the sign of the overcome on his head and gave his body up to God’s arms.

And then ns knew whereby God was…and then i saw.

God to be holding the sister, comforting the father, cradling the young man, and also carrying all of us v that storm right into a new understanding of life.

And although ns wasn’t, at that point, prepared to to speak “it is well v my soul,” that was much better than it had actually been.

I still carry out not understand tragedy, and I’m skeptical of those who claim they do. I’ve check out the bibles from cover come cover and have yet to discover a ar where Jesus explains away senseless violence and environmental tragedy. The evidential difficulty of angry is one the boggles my mind. And also for all the beauty that the waters that this civilization contain, they space still awe-some and terrifying.

This is why we require to have a tradition of lament. We require to be able to shake our fists come God, we need to have the ability to throw increase our hands and also say, “Why?! I do not understand!” that is supremely important that we execute this because it is the method that the feels.

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But for as much as we lament, I have seen the we have a God who does no hover above the storms, but rather rides v them with us. We see that most clearly in this cross. God, who surely might have exit ship, entered into all of humanity, even the painful aspects, to stand in solidarity through us here.

And in those moments once our relationships are on ice, as soon as we feel like we are up come our necks, and when we space drowning in so plenty of ways, the most honest prayer is one for an ark, one for an escape, one the says, “Lift me up!”