“Somebody better get the ‘legal eagle’ a barf bag…”

Highly inventive, if a little far-fetched, Bruce “Big Money” Zimmerman has left his trademark gross-out tendencies behind in this virtually whimsical offering. The UnSub v a Cinderella delusion was fun throughout, and the actor cast to play her was completely convincing in both menace, and in her capacity to sweetly entice her victim in.

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Long-time fans were treated to several emotional scenes v this episode, including the return that both JJ’s mom and also son, and a welcome harkening ago to the Bedtime for infant Star* story the JJ called Henry from storage over the phone at the end of the season 7 episode “There’s No place Like Home”. JJ’s unresolved grief from she sister’s suicide was touch on, and the facet of tension present with her mommy Sandy since of it to be a telling moment. It’s likely we’ll check out the resolution the this because that our certified dealer Jareau in illustration 10×11.


Reid fans were gifted with an abundance of our Gifted One this time around, too. His heat inquiry to JJ if every little thing was okay brought about an explanation the the original purpose that fairy tales, and also a little of advice from ours darling physician to her. I preferred the means she appeared amused however took his point to heart, and also was encouraged to see one more example the her moving past her previous knee-jerk eye-rolling in ~ him. Deserve to we it is in done through that forever now, writers? Yay!

Callahan is finding her groove within the team, and the authors are ideal there through her. I favor her ‘tough’ style, she has actually zero sympathy because that jerks and also crooks and is not shy about showing it. She isn’t previous misleading a scumbag witness if it will certainly shed an ext light on the UnSub, and it’s a dynamic us haven’t seen with any kind of other team member, except maybe Rossi. Hotch gained REALLY pissed at Jordan when she walk a comparable thing, yet I think he is eased increase a little as time has gone by. Aaron has actually shown due to the fact that early on that he’s qualified of bending the rules once it involves his team (even as far earlier as once Gideon was temporarily top top the run), also though he holds himself come a higher standard.

Garcia to be wonderful this episode, tempering her Morgan flirtation to simply the perfect level, and also even comes up empty on one bit of info, follow to Reid. I reap it as soon as she doesn’t have the magic cure-all in her computers every time, and the much more sparingly she is used, the much more I miss out on her.

Morgan, Hotch, and also Rossi were supplied to great effect transparent (though ns can always use an ext Hotch), on-point and also well combined within the framework of the whole team, and local regulation enforcement Detective Carpenter was well cast and also showed gumption and also gravitas, and also being welcome to and impressed by our team, an easy way to make points v this fan.


According to the boards, the penultimate scene with Spencer together Prince Charming set many a fangirl heart aflutter. It was deeply memory of just how Reid spoke to Samantha, the negative UnSub indigenous The Uncanny Valley, a revered episode that’s high top top every fan’s ‘best of’ list. I loved watching him go through that regimen of his, and also caught JJ’s look of admiration as he succeeded in acquiring Cinderella to she ‘carriage’ there is no firing a shot, and by utilizing her own murder weapon (a ‘glass slipper’, no less) as a lure. Excellent idea, Hotch!

Many many thanks to writer Bruce, manager Bethany Rooney, and the editors because that not having actually anyone from the team inexplicably disappear indigenous the second fifty percent of the show, and also for providing us a uniquely emotional story. With just six illustration in, season 10 is mirroring us a deep expertise of and also appreciation for CM’s main point characters, and the consistent fleshing out is a satisfied to watch.

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*Fun Fact: The publication “Bedtime for infant Star” isn’t a real book at all, but a prop developed for the aforementioned season 7 episode, containing only the one page of message – every the various other pages are blank. Dylan Hay-Chapman in the graphic department suggested they use it again this time around, and also it came to be a fan-favorite minute in the episode.