or if friend don"t love me in ~ my worst or if girlfriend don"t want me in ~ my worst hand-dl mee at mahy wurst> or luhv> or wont>

What does if girlfriend can"t take care of me at my worst mean?

If friend can’t handle me in ~ my worst … you don’t deserve me in ~ my best. This expression is a meme in which human being pair a poor image through a far better counterpart, used by world to tease and also then celebrate us “before and also after” or to make various other humorous hoax or ironic observations.

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The initial quote that released a thousand mim is “I’m selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, ns am the end of control and at times hard to handle. However if girlfriend can’t manage me in ~ my worst, then you certain as hell don’t worthy me in ~ my best.” This quote is generally misattributed to Marilyn Monroe, yet it doesn’t have a showed source.

In the 2000s, the if you can’t manage me at my worst quote, was often seen in one inspirational image and became renowned on online dating profiles. Between 2009–11, these type of images circulated extensively on Tumblr, so much that by 2012, customers on online forums favor r/OkCupid and r/Tinder started making fun of them.

Into the 2010s, riffs on this expression quickly came to be popular ~ above Pinterest, Tumblr, and also Instagram. It ended up being what’s recognized as a snowclone (e.g., X is the new Y). Here, it was If girlfriend can’t manage me at my X, friend don’t deserve me in ~ my Y. Other versions include if friend don’t want/love me at my worst. Substitutes for X and Y, in common internet fashion, were silly or clever, as seen, say, in The Simpsons’ Ned Flanders take: If girlfriend can’t take care of me in ~ my diddliest , you don’t deserve me at my doodliest.

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The picture saw new life in March and April 2018, once the snowclone’s X and also Y were usually pictures. Early instances contrasted pictures of K-pop stars and also other celebrities: an older, dorkier, or lovably cringeworthy picture of them and also a newer, hotter, far better image.

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